"Please Come to The Hostel, Swami..."

September 4, 1991

The boys grabbed the opportunity to pray that Swami come to the hostel for a much-awaited visit. But Swami kept playing and putting off the issue.

Swami: Why hostel? You are all here, I am also here now. What will I do there? I do not eat Puri, I do not eat Alasandalu (a type of gram), I do not take Sambar.

Students: Swami, then You ask for what You want, we shall give it.

Swami: (Instantly) Anything? Will you give Me anything that I ask for?

Students: (Without hesitation) Yes Swami! We will give You anything that You ask for!

Swami: (After a suspense-filled pause) Alright. Then get Me fish, kurma, mutton…. (Smiling)

And everyone instantly burst to laughter.

Students: Swami, if You really need it, we shall definitely get it!

Swami: (very lovingly) I do not need anything from anyone. But I do need your pure love, will you give it to Me?

Students: (Instantly) Yes, Swami. Take it.

Swami: (Extending His hand) Come, then give it!

At this, all the boys got up and started walking towards Swami. Swami laughed and made all boys to sit down.

Student: Swami, come to the hostel every day.

Swami : Come there? Why, I am present there all the time, even now!

There was an awed silence.

Student 2: Swami, will You not physically come there every day?

Swami: (smilingly correcting him) Not every day Bangaru, every minute!

Student 3: Every second, Swami

All laughed along with Swami

Swami: Love and devotion must come spontaneously.

The boys were asking Swami to come to the hostel today. But somehow, Swami kept off the issue and took a small group inside for interview. After the interview got over, Swami came out and went inside the Bhajan Hall.

Swami: What was the menu today? (in the hostel)

Student: Swami, beans-carrot curry and Sambar.

Swami: (Jokingly) Carrot or parrot!

Then mentioning the items were not made very well, He came out into the portico, where the boys renewed their pleas.

Swami: Please what? Words like ‘Please, Sorry, Excuse…’ have no meaning at all.

Then one of the boys said,

Student: Swami, we are requesting you to come to the hostel.

Swami: What is requesting? That is also a kind of please only (Swami then called the Warden Sri Sanjay Sahani and asked him) What is all this that the boys are asking?

Warden: Swami must come to the hostel.

Swami: (Avoiding the topic of coming to hostel) See – the food was not very good today.

(Swami then called the mess-in-charge Sri Venkatachalam and telling him what the menu was, again mentioned that there was too much salt in the Sambar.)

Chapatis should be made properly.

Meanwhile, the boys again prayed that Swami bless the hostel with a visit.

Students: (Eagerly) Swami, whenever you say. No, Swami! We are ready even now! (The boys shouted.)

Swami: No, no, no! You have to clean the hostel first! Do you get the dining hall cleaned every day?

Warden: We do it Swami, with Dettol.

Swami: Dettol is very expensive. Phenyl is the right one to use. All the flies will go away. Now, there are too many flies! I know! I am seeing!

Students: Swami, you tell when.

Swami: (calling the mess incharge) When will it be alright?

M. In.ch.: Sunday, Swami?

Swami: Sunday? I am leaving for Brindavan on Sunday morning.

Students: No, Swami! Please stay back here!

Swami: When shall I come?

Swami: Any time! Then come, I am ready now. Go! I will come now itself!

Immediately some boys started getting up and going back.

Swami: Stop, stop!

After everyone sat down again,

Swami: I am always ready. It is only you who are not ready to receive Me! What shall I do here? There is no Dasara celebration also this year.

Then the Warden requested that many boys had not had the good fortune of witnessing the Yagna and that Swami must permit it to take place this year. …

Swami: What can I do? The canteen building is not ready. The kitchen, most important, is still not fitted with gas pipes and other essential gadgets. These are very essential for preparing food in large quantities. Even for ‘Onam’, devotees were requesting full meals while only packets could be distributed. It will be very difficult for the devotees. That is why we cannot have Dasara this year.

Swami: Oh, tell me when I can come to the Hostel?

Students: Anytime Swami!

Swami: Thursday, good day. I will come.

As the boys beamed happily,

Swami: See, nobody even said ‘Thank you!’

Students: (Immediately) Thank you, Swami

Swami laughed and went inside

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations (1991-2000)


  1. This is absolutely delightful. It verily transports us to the moment and fills the heart with joy witnessing the steadfast devotion of the students and the all encompassing love of the Divine Mother as they playfully interact. Please do share more of these precious interactions.

    1. Thank you for such nice satsang. I read this story to our family this evening and we all recalled our wonderful interactions with our loving Sai. May we all remember that He is with us in our homes, at work and of course, in our hearts, as Swami was cutely reminding His beloved students. Please keep these wonderful treasures flowing.

  2. Definitely, week after week, every Thursday, on this Blog, there would be an update of such delightful and most memorable conversations between the Divine Mother and His Loving Children... The whole objective of sharing these is to relive those moments and to put before the readers the concern and Love that Swami had for His students and devotees, that is reflected so very well in each of these conversations. Do share your feedback with us...
    Best Regards
    SSwS Team

  3. Also, these conversations have been compiled in a book titled 'Students with Sai: Conversations'. It is available in the Prasanthi Mandir Book Stores. You could procure the book for reading all the conversations at one time!
    SSwS Team

  4. I liked to read these golden moments decorated with Swami's Love.
    I learned that we have to speak from our hearts in our prayers to convince Swami to adjust to our request. Like He agreed to come to Hostel on Thursday.

  5. is there anyone who can help me get the summercourse discourse of swami at brindavan during the period 1994 to 1997?

    1. Sai Ram Sri Prakas,

      There were no Summer Courses in the years 1994 and 1997. The Discourses for 1995 and 1996 are available at: http://www.sssbpt.info/english/showers.html

      Warm Regards
      SSwS Team



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