Effective Utilisation of Resources in Corporations: Sri Sathya Sai Guidelines

In the Sathya Sai Institute, there is a Post Graduate programme called MBA (Finance). Finance does not merely mean money alone. It refers to the various faculties relating to mind, intellect, intelligence, health, physical prowess, etc. One has to bear in mind the role and significance of ‘nuclear processes’ in this context. It refers to transformation of matter into mind and vice-versa. The curriculum of any academic programme will have to consider the aspect of ‘Divinity’ at the time of structuring the courses, as God happens to be the source of all knowledge. Education in general and with particular reference to management education should enable the learners to become socially-responsive managers/citizens. Mother Earth is providing so many natural resources essential for human life and its sustenance. So, a manager should learn to utilise the scarce resources cautiously and also show gratitude to Mother Earth.

The gratitude that one can show to Mother Earth is only through Love. It is the responsibility of those occupying responsible positions to inculcate good behaviour and conduct among the workforce of the concerned organisations. One should learn to respect others with great humility and reverence and show respect to others in a symbolic manner through Namaste (saluting others by joining all the ten fingers of both palms placing close to the chest, touching the heart with the thumbs). Respect others (parents, elders, guests, etc.) wholeheartedly. The one with good behaviour alone deserves to be called a boy and the one with good manners a man. The one with devotion towards God will also discharge his duties (both official and non-official) with great diligence. Therefore, it should be remembered that ‘Duty is God’ and ‘Work is Worship’. One should thus visualise Divinity in all aspects of nature and conduct accordingly in a responsible manner and with great veneration.

One should love one’s mother and motherland. Respecting and loving one’s own nation is known as nationalism, which is essential for business. More than materialistic aspects, transactions concerning Love can be regarded as vital for business today. In the Bible, it is said, “Love is God and God is Love, Live in Love”. When Jesus was being crucified, amidst pain and agony, He heard an ethereal voice, “All are one My son, be alike to everyone”. For good interpersonal relations and teamwork, the members of the group should conduct themselves without any malice and conflicts. At the same time, the effective method of handling interpersonal conflict is ‘forgiveness’. Whenever anyone hurts an individual with harsh words, the effective healing balm is forgiveness. It is the panacea in the conflict-ridden world. Modern managers should cultivate Samatvam (equanimity). This gives them the required strength to face the dualities of life with an equanimous mind.

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