Sri Sathya Sai lays the Foundation Stone for Dharmakshetra in Bombay

Bhagavan laying the foundation stone of Dharmakshetra, Mumbai

Thursday, November 02, 1967 to 
Monday, November 06, 1967

Swami reached Hyderabad on 30th October 1967. He blessed the devotees at Hyderabad with His Darshan and Discourse on Deepavali (31st October and 1st November). Swami explained the significance of Deepavali in His Discourse.

Swami left for Bombay on 2nd November and reached there at midnight. Swami laid the foundation stone for Dharmakshetra, the Center for Sai Seva activities at Bombay on 3rd November. He created a silver plate with the nine planetary signs carved on it to be placed in the foundation. He then hoisted the Prashanti Flag and unveiled the copper plaque announcing the inauguration of the construction of ‘Dharmakshetra’. Swami blessed the gathering with His Discourse and later blessed the devotees who were involved in the construction of Dharmakshetra. The function was presided over by Minister Sri P. K. Sawant. Both the Minister and Sri Indulal Shah, the President of Bombay Samiti, addressed the gathering prior to Swami’s Discourse. 

That evening Swami inaugurated the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Dal, an Organisation of Sadhaks who render service to the weak, disabled and the distressed. Swami addressed the members of the Seva Samiti on the 4th. He met the members of the Prashanti Vidwan Maha Sabha, Maharashtra branch on the 5th at the residence of Sri. P. K. Sawant. Swami blessed the devotees with His Darshan during Bhajan sessions at Dharmakshetra site from the 4th to 6th. Swami addressed a gathering of distinguished invitees on the 6th. Swami gave yet another Discourse to the members of the Seva Samiti of Bombay on the 7th. Swami left for Pune that same evening and blessed the devotees there with His Divine Darshan.

Swami drove to Brindavan via Satara, Belgaum, Dharwar, Hubli, Harihar and Tumkur on the 8th. He reached Brindavan on the 9th and left for Venkatagiri and Madras on the 10th. After blessing the devotees in these places, He returned to Prashanti Nilayam on 14th November.

Source: Sri Sathya Sai Digvijayam Part 1 (1926-1985)

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