July 9, 1991

On Tuesday, the 9th of July 1991, some students prayed to Bhagavan for His advice. 

Bhagavan asked, “Will you follow My advice, if I give it to you?” He then continued in His own inimitable way… 

“Don’t talk much. Study well, get good grades. You talk too much, which I do not like. If you talk less, then Swami will be happy. When you talk more, you waste a lot of energy. Thinking is also inner talk.

Look at Me, I am 65 years old.  Yet how young I look! Look at yourself. You look so old. This is because you waste your energy in unnecessary talk. I manage the Organisation and the whole world. But I do not think at all. I am only a witness, like lights on the stage of a theatre. People cry and laugh. There are births and deaths, but I am unaffected. I am not Brahma. If I were so, it would be Dvaita (Brahma and I). I am I. There is only one – Advaita.

What is the difference between good and bad? It is only a difference of time. Fruit (Phalam), which is nice today, will become faeces (Malam) tomorrow that will have to be excreted.  Phalam is good, Malam is bad.  For one day if you do not clean your bowels, you will have a stomach upset. So take in good, reject the bad.”


  1. Timeless Advice that everyone should remember and follow all through their lives.Swami is the master of making things simple,He explains complex concepts of Advaita in terms that even a commmon man can grasp.

  2. Thanks for sharing inspirational articles like same.

  3. very inspiring. thanks

  4. Jai Sai Ram.. wonderful thought.. stop thinking start doing..

  5. absolutely fantastic. priceless wisdom made so easy and simple. appreciate the blog :)

  6. It is very nice inspirational article indeed.

  7. Life thoughts of Satya Sai Baba are very helpful to all beings.



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