"All Sports Meet Sets are done by our Students..."

Swami watching the sports meet items from the Shanti Vedika stage at the Hill View Stadium

January 10, 1992

It all started when in the evening when Swami agreed to come to see the practice session of the presentation that the students of both the school and the Institute were making for the Annual Sports Meet. Swami arrived promptly at around 6:30 pm and told the Registrar (Mr. K. Chakravarthi), “I have no time. Only one programme, one item.”  The Registrar and some others tried to explain that it would be too short to show anything. Some of the students prayed that Swami should stay for the entire rehearsal. But Swami again said, “No, no! Next time!” The lights then went out and the programme started.

As time passed, Swami became more and more interested. When one of the visiting University Grants Commission (UGC) Team Members pointed out that the sets were good, Swami at once said, “All done by our students. Absolutely no professional help.” Then the dance items started and Swami told some of the elders, “All the dance and music is learnt by the students themselves. There are no special music or dance teachers to teach them. It is all hard work and self effort.” When one of the dances (the robot dance) was to come on, Swami was attracted by the headlights of the robots and asked what it was. Throughout the martial arts, drills and gymnastic presentations, as well as the other items, Swami kept asking about the participants and the item. All items were being watched with rapt attention. In this way, what was originally said to be ‘for one item only’ went on till 8:15 pm!

Swami then left for the Mandir and told, “The programme is good. But the devotees have to sit in the cold and watch. So, all items must be made a bit short.” 

Swami then commented that the enacting of Krishna must be done more successfully by being more stressful, as befitting Lord Krishna. A special mention was also made of some individual performances and then Swami went to His room.

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  1. i love the students, swami is in your haerts and i pray for your.



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