Swami in the portico at the Prasanthi Nilayam Mandir
January 2, 1998

Swami : (To a student) Did you get the Papayas?

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami : (To another student) How many?

Student : Swami, our room got three.

Swami : How many boys are there in your room?

Student : Swami, 8 boys.

Swami : Each boy will get only a small piece. What happened to the remaining Papayas? Call the Warden. (To the Warden, Dr. Siva Sankara Sai) Why did you give only three Papayas for eight boys?

Warden : The small Papayas were given to each boy separately. In the case of big ones, limited numbers were distributed to each room.


Swami : All Papayas are small, not big. How many did you give?

Warden : Small number only, Swami.

Swami : (To a teacher) Did you get Papayas? I had asked them to send Papayas to all the hostels. (To a student) Did you get berries?

Student : No, Swami.

Swami : (To the Warden) Did you not give them?

Warden : Swami, we gave them for lunch.

Swami : How many for each student?

Warden : They were allowed to take as many as they wanted.

Swami : But this boy is telling that he did not get any.

Warden : (To the student) It was given during lunch three days back.

Student : Swami, that day I had only 3 berries.

Swami : Only three?

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations (1991-2000)



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