Benefits of starting daily work with a Common Prayer: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective

Every human being has three bodies: Sthula (gross), Sukshma (subtle) and Kaarana (causal). When the physical body is rendered pure by taking pure food, the subtle body consisting of the mind is purified by pure desires and the causal body represented by the Antahkaranas (conscience) is sanctified by sacred thoughts. Thus, by doing this on a continuous basis, the inherent Divinity in man can be manifested and fullness in life can be achieved. It is essential that every boy and girl should learn and practice the basic ethical principles in order to manifest their true nature. It is their primary requisite to realise the inherent Divinity that is present in each one of them. In the bygone times, students used to pray to Saraswati (Goddess of Learning in Indian culture) to make them good, truthful and lovable. [In Indian homes, before admitting the children to school, the parents perform a ceremony called ‘Aksharabhyasa’, literally meaning practicing writing the alphabets (of the respective regional languages), wherein they worship Goddess Saraswati – the Goddess of Learning.] Where truth and goodness exist, beauty is present as a natural consequence.

Control of the senses and observance of the accepted code of discipline are the hallmarks of a cultured person. Certain management systems, practices and styles (accountancy, production procedures, keeping statistical data, materials management, etc.) by-and-large may be of standardised nature among majority of the business organisations across the globe. However, with regard to matters like business ethics and human relations, we in India have to choose our systems in accordance with our culture, traditions and conditions. In Sri Sathya Sai Institute, we attach special significance to cultural and ethical values. Amongst these values, the primary place is accorded to ‘Indian Ethos and Values’. The relationship between management and workers should be akin to the relationship that exists between mother and the children, characterising mutual love and understanding. It is desirable to start the day in every factory or workshop with a silent, common prayer in which managers and the workers join. When such prayers are conducted daily, the workers will be able to experience harmony in the workplace.


  1. As always -- short sweet yet profound suggestions by Bhagawan. I think the corporate world is coming to terms with this reality. Here is a short article -- which does not directly reference to the prayer -- but it does indirectly refer to a problem of distraction when something like prayer is missing.

  2. I have found a lot of personal advantage following this advise. A small prayer to Swami or to any divine form helps one not to ward off the challenges but to face them with greater conviction and the strength that Swami is with us every moment and he will tide us through. Sairam.



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