Sri Sathya Sai Visits Rajahmundry - January 1969

Thursday, January 16, 1969 to Monday, January 27, 1969

Sri Sathya Sai Darshan at Rajahmundry
Swami reached Rajahmundry on 16th January, 1969. He addressed two public meetings at Rajamundry on the 17th and the 18th respectively. Swami inaugurated the Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Convent at Rajahmundry on the 19th. Excerpts from a Discourse Swami gave on that occasion are given below:

"The magnificent mansion that was created by the sages of the past, for the peaceful and prosperous existence of their succeeding generations, the mansion called  Sanatana Dharma has crumbled through the wanton neglect of the sons and daughters of Bharat Mata. Now, peace and joy are to be found only among these little children, the elders have lost the art, the discipline, of regaining them and retaining them.

These children are fresh charming saplings, who can be made, by care and love, to blossom into ideal citizens of this land, able to understand and practise the great disciplines laid down by the sages for their liberation, through self-realisation. The mother and the father must bear a major share of the responsibility for the proper upbringing of children. The earliest years of life are the most crucial. The skills, the attitudes, the emotions, the impulses that make or mar the future are built into the Foundation of Life in those years. The parents can help or hinder the making of that foundation, strong and straight. But, the parents have no equipment now for this basic role. They have no faith in their own ancient culture; they themselves have no mental peace, no Sadhana, no spiritual discipline, which the children can imbibe from them.

Children must grow up in homes, where their parents honour their parents, in their turn, and are happy only when they serve their elders. Then only will children revere their parents! This must be taught to them by example, rather than by precept! Schooling is a waste, if children do not learn lasting virtues, do not develop strength of character, as a result of the process. They must learn reverence for parents, teachers, and elders. Now, they learn a number of copy book maxims; but, they do not put a single one into practice in daily life. For, practice is present nowhere.

Even as children, they must learn the glory of God who is their inner Reality; they must
understand that they are not the body, but, they are the one Dehi (indweller), who is the Dehi in all. Through Bhajan (singing devotional songs) and through Shravana (listening to tales of God's Glory), these elevating truths can be handed over to them by teachers and parents who are themselves aware of these and practising them in daily life. Learn your own news, before getting excited about the news of others. Learn the A B C and D of your own alphabet and then, you will be better able to guide others, in their learning and life. Do not ridicule the children when they go to a temple or a sage and show interest in Bhajan or worship or Dhyana. Many elders believe that there is time enough for such pastimes, after one has lived for sixty years! People who spread this nefarious doctrine are ruining the lives of their dear ones, for, they do not condemn the wrong and encourage the right. There are others who by their behaviour and habits at home, in full view of the children inculcate the habit. of uttering lies, gambling, drinking, etc.

Plant in those tender hearts the seeds of love, sympathy, truth, justice, charity, compassion, repentance and self- control. That is the prime duty of all who deal with children. When the father asks the child to tell someone at the door that he is not at home, or when he asks its brother to reply to a phone call, that he has gone out, the vice of dishonesty is implanted in the child. Do not burden the tender brains with all kinds of lumber, information that can never be put to use, facts that warp and twist truth, etc. Teach them only as much as they can use beneficially and as much as can be of direct help to them in their lives. Train character more than brains.”

Swami visited a number of villages on the 20th, 21st, 22nd 23rd and 24th, blessing the rural folk with His Message.

He inaugurated the Sri Sathya Sai Mandir at G. Medapadu and laid the foundation stone of Sri Sathya Sai Mandir at Vadlamuru on the 22nd.  He visited Sakhinetipalle, at the request of Minister Sri Ramalinga Raju. Bhajan sessions were held at an island amidst the Godavari on the 25th. Swami materialised a golden idol of Bala Krishna (childhood form of Krishna) on this occasion.                  

On the 26th Swami addressed the members of the Lions Club at Rajahmundry and also blessed a Narayana Seva programme at Innespet. Swami delivered a Discourse to the members of West Godavari District Organisation on the 26th and later addressed a mammoth gathering at Vijayawada. Swami visited the village Akiripalli enroute to Madras on the 27th.


  1. My brother in law's uncle used to perform pujas at the Sai mandir at Perambur during this time. My wedding was fixed on 3rd April 1961 at Kerala, hence my sister and brother in law came few days before the wedding. Just before my wedding day I came to know about Swami, since then I am a devotee and follower of Swami. I had the first darshan of Swami in New Delhi in 70s and since 1976 my family is in London. I had several visits to Puttaparthi after that and now Swami is always in my heart.

  2. Swami's presence is felt even now all over the world. He is omnipresent.



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