The Secret Behind the Success of Sri Sathya Sai University Sports Meet

Swami during the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet
Prize Distribution Function at the Prasanthi Nilayam
Campus Auditorium
During the past five days, our boys and girls have been engaged in games and athletics with enthusiasm and vigour. In the Anantapur Campus, the teachers have given great encouragement to the students in their sports and games programmes. In the Brindavan Campus also the teachers have actively promoted the students’ preparations. Above all, in the Primary School at Prashanti Nilayam, the teachers have worked hard to train the children in various games so that they could present a delightful programme at the Sports Festival. The teachers laboured all night to stitch the dresses and other materials for the programme. It was because of their efforts that 700 small children could put up such an impressive show. All credit goes to the 45 teachers who are rendering dedicated service without any salaries. 

In the years ahead, it is the responsibility of teachers to train the students to become ideal citizens of Bharat. The teachers have a great responsibility not only to encourage the students’ participation in sports but also to promote in them the qualities of good citizenship. Students by themselves are very good. They have plenty of energy and enthusiasm. The students should be given proper guidance and encouragement. If these are provided, our students can develop into exemplary models for the whole world. There is no doubt about this. Even in their classes many students achieve ‘O’ grade (between 75% - 100%) in their subjects. That students getting ‘O’ grade have taken part in the sports events testifies to their all-round abilities. These talents are not given to them by their professors. They have been developed by the students’ own intense efforts. The basic reason for all this is their devotion and love for Swami. All of them have come here for the sake of Swami and not for the sake of any specific learning. If students and teachers continue to work thus, great things can be accomplished! 

There is any number of colleges in the world. But in our colleges, we have to impart the sacred precepts of our culture to the students. Along with this, academic subjects have to be taught. Education is for developing right understanding. Work is for earning a living. Today education is sought for getting a job. This is not proper. Students should imbibe the culture along with academic knowledge. If a student goes astray, he alone is affected. But if a teacher is bad, hundreds of students will be spoilt. Of all the professions in the world, that of the teacher is most estimable. The teacher has to teach the students what is good and ennobling for them. This is the true relationship between teachers and students. This is what should be developed in our educational institutions.

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