On the Day Sri Ramana Maharishi attained Mahasamadhi...

April 14, 1950

Sri Ramana Maharshi - The Great Saint of Thiruvannamalai

On April 14th, 1950, an extraordinary event took place at Puttaparthi. 

Sri Varadu, a devotee, reports:

‘The night Sri Ramana Maharshi passed away in Thiruvannamalai, Baba went into a trance at around 9 pm. He went into a trance quite suddenly and threatened to fall. We, another devotee Sri Krishna and I, held out our hands to support Him. Baba lay prostrate on our hands when all of a sudden His body rose up in air from our arms. He was as stiff as a board, and He was murmuring “Maharshi has reached Me.” Later, the sole of His right foot split open and nearly two kilograms of sweet smelling Vibhuti gushed forth. While we collected the Vibhuti, Baba was still levitating. After a while He descended and returned to His normal self. He then informed us that Sri Ramana Maharshi had merged in Him. The news of Sri Ramana Maharshi's Samadhi appeared in the newspapers the next day. The time mentioned was the same as that of Baba’s trance.’


  1. Pure Souls are
    Gods incarnates
    Sweet smelling ash

  2. This incident is also recorded in a book called Miracles are My Visiting Cards by Erlendeur Haraldsson

  3. God bless for sharing the truth

  4. Swami-Bhagwan Baba is poorna Avatar. The supreme divinity in human form is Bhagawan Baba. So all those who complete sadhana merge in Swami. Blessed are those who had His darshan, sparshan and sambhashan.


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