Converting Management Theory into Practice: Sri Sathya Sai Paradigm

Business transactions are carried out with the help of theoretical knowledge and information that is acquired from books and lectures. Without any supplementation of practical experience, one cannot mould business into an ideal type of business with theoretical knowledge alone. A blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience (hands-on work) is necessary. If you keep the head and the book separate from each other in two water-tight compartments, there will be a big void in practice. You have to transmit bookish knowledge [i] into your head and later convert the same into practice. The knowledge which you are able to put into practice is the real knowledge. 

In real life, very few people would be capable of doing things to the satisfaction of the conscience. After passing the Management Programme, it is not sufficient if you add MBA to your name as a suffix. That is not creditable. You have to acquire those skills and qualities in reality. You have to recognise and develop your mental abilities in order to be able to put the knowledge thus acquired into practice and gain experience from it. 

Today, what you find in business organisations is different. Sometime or the other in course of time, business organisations are bound to encounter problems. Why? They are not able to put into practice what they have learnt during the academic period. If we unite our thought, word and deed, we would give a definite shape to our human values. We have to develop good thoughts, articulation skills and conduct (meaning integration of thought, word and deed), in which case our intellect becomes sharper. In the world, everything is based upon balance. Without balance, one cannot carry out anything. One’s entire life is based on balance. One has to work hard and cultivate this balance in a steady manner. How can one do it? Human beings have extraordinary intelligence. How are they supposed to use it? Today, people are misusing extraordinary intelligence that they may be endowed with. What is the meaning of this? We are killing our knowledge and causing an imbalance (meaning a wide gap between practice and precept in lieu of walking the talk). When we can convert our knowledge into skill, there will be proper balance. When there is a proper balance, our vision turns inward. We must always remember these aspects. 


[i] Baba’s characteristic expression which refers to theoretical knowledge acquired through academic inputs, class room lectures and book reading.

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