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Sri Sathya Sai and the Chosen Mother

Saturday, May 6, 1972

The saintly woman who was chosen by Swami to be glorified as His mother in this Avatar, the revered Smt. Easwaramma, left her mortal coils at Brindavan on 6th May, 1972, even as the Summer Camp was in progress. The end was quite sudden. She was cheerful and conscious till the last breath, since she was in the Gracious Presence of Swami. She was over 80 years of age. Mother‘s body was buried the same evening on the left side of the father‘s Samadhi at Puttaparthi. Swami‘s brothers Sri Seshama Raju (eldest brother) and Sri Janakirama Raju (youngest brother) performed the funeral rites while Swami remained at Whitefield.

When Sri Sathya Sai dedicated the School to His Mother

Thursday, July 20, 1972

On 20th July, 1972, Swami inaugurated at Puttaparthi Village, The Easwaramma High School, a fitting memorial to Mother Easwaramma who had prayed to Swami for a vow to provide education to the simple village children. 

On that occasion, Swami said, 

“Gratitude to parents is a basic virtue; reverence to the parents is reverence to the past, to the traditions of the past, to the great treasure of wisdom that the past has garnered and preserved. I am spreading this message by Myself setting the example. The Kalyaana Mandap that is fast coming up in the village will commemorate the 'father.' He was eager to serve the best interest of this village, as you all know. The Mandap will be a community Centre for religious ceremonies and the spread of spiritual ideals. This School will commemorate the 'mother'. My life is My Message, as I often declare. I have been re-emphasising the Upanishadic exhortation, 'Speak Truth; act righteously; revere the mother as Divine, revere the father as Divine, revere the preceptor as Divine." I emphasise not only through words, but more by deeds. You must dedicate your skill, your earnings, your intelligence to the service of your parents and fulfil your duties as their progeny. If you fail in this, you do not deserve this glory of being an Indian, and a human.”

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