The Mother - By Sri P. Satish Chandra

The Divine Mother: Sathya Sai with Students

Sanna Jaaji Kanna, Sampangi Lata Kanna,
Jonna Gadda Kanna, Venna Kanna,
Nemali Kannu Kanna, Nindu Vennala Kanna,
Mana Sai Prema Utthambu.

More fragrant than the jasmine flower,
More tender than the champak creeper,
More softer than the creamy layer of butter and cheese,
More beautiful than the eye of a peacock,
More soothing than the full moon light,
Is our dear Sai’s love.

Sai’s love is beyond comprehension without any trace of selfishness. It is beyond caste, creed, religion, equal for one and all. Years ago Puttaparthi was hardly known to anyone with a population of only a few hundreds. It was a barren land with very little water from the Chitravati River. There was no school at all and all the boys went to Bukkapatnam for schooling. The nearest hospital was a day journey by bullock cart east of Anantapur. That was the case those days. Mother Easwaramma, seeing Puttaparthi in such a sad state asked our little Sathyanarayana to fulfil her three wishes. Sathya gave her the promise that He would fulfil her wishes. Now there are big super speciality hospitals in Puttaparthi and Bangalore. Drinking water is provided for not Puttaparthi but also for many other districts and even to Chennai now. Not just a school, there is a University in Puttaparthi now. Millions and millions of people all over the world know Puttaparthi. It is all because of our compassionate Lord. 

People from all over the world come here, just being pulled by His love. Swami once came to the third block and asked a boy there if he had got Prasadam. The boy said, “No, Swami.” Then Swami said, “Your brothers may forget but Sai Ma cannot forget.” Sai is full of love and kindness. He goes to any extent to help his devotees. 

Last year (2002), during Guru Poornima celebrations, He had a swollen cheek. Everyone was very sad and wanted to know what had happened. Swami then narrated the incident of how Swami got the swollen cheek. A group of devotees along with a small boy went for interview that day. Swami saw that the small boy had mumps and was crying with pain due to that. Swami looking at him took upon the mumps of the small boy onto Himself. When Swami narrated this incident everyone was in tears. 

Swami does so much for and expects only love, love from us. Swami said, “Always remember Me wherever you are. Never forget God, for He is your true mother, true father and everything for you.” 

Adavilopalunna, Akashamununna
Pattanamununna, Pallenunna
Guttamidanunna, Nattetanunna
Madini Sai Ninnu Maravadu Eppudu.

Meaning, wherever you are, whether in the deepest forest or in the highest of the skies, whether in a city or in a village, whether on the top of a mountain or in the depths of the ocean, Sai will never forget you. 

When I was three years old, my father was working in a village, which was two hours away from our home. He used to go every morning for work and used to come back at 7 pm. My mother knew about Swami because my grandfather was a devotee but my father did not know so much about Him. One day it became very late by the time work got over and my father was returning back home very late at night. It was a forest area and was very much known for Naxalites. He was returning home on a bike and all of a sudden, the bike stopped. He tried his best to start it but he could not. On checking whether the petrol was there to his utter horror found that it was over. It was 11 pm, it was dark in the thick forest area, where no bus comes after 10 pm. He was now stuck there and for the first time thought of praying to Swami for help. He prayed sincerely to Swami to help him out of this situation. With a prayer in his heart, he then started the bike and to his utter astonishment, the bike started! He went home without stopping anywhere even for a single second, all the way without any petrol! It was only Swami’s grace. This incident reveals to us that wherever we are, whatever we do, we should never forget God for He is our only saviour. Swami once told, “One’s love should be like the mariner’s compass always pointing towards the northern direction.” i.e. towards God. When one loves everyone, he loves God. There is only one religion, the religion of Love. 

It so happened that once a politician came to Puttaparthi. He saw Swami giving Darshan. He thought, like any other person, Swami would give whatever He wants, tricking the people in the process. Swami came towards him and called him in with another family for an interview. Swami had told him not to talk too much and then Swami started talking to them for more than half an hour. This politician then thought, “He told not to talk and now, He is only talking so much.” As he was thinking thus, Swami turned towards the other people and created an Upanayanam thread and looked at this politician and said, “I don’t create what I want, but I create what they want.” The politician then came to know that the family had asked Swami to perform Upanayanam (thread ceremony) for their son and for the event, Swami had created the sacred thread. Then Swami turned towards, the politician and told him, “I talk, but that is only My love, which flows out through words and not the ‘I’ of my talking.” 

Swami is Antaryami. He is the one with full of love and kindness. There is no one in this universe who can love you more than our Sai. To this Sai I express my gratitude for all that He has done for me. 

Oh Lord!
Let my thoughts be pure
Let my words be true
Let my actions be selfless
Let me be a good boy
Let me always be nearer and dearer to You.

- P. Satish Chandra
Alumnus, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

Source: Sai Nandana 2005 (80th Birthday Issue)

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