When He reminisced the Day He Declared His Avatarhood

Sri Sathya Sai in the Prasanthi Nilayam portico

October 17, 2000

After interviews,
Swami   : Did your results come?
Re. Sch : No Swami.
Swami   : All of you have failed. (After a brief pause Swami said smilingly) All of you passed.
Swami blessed them with Padanamaskar. After blessing the birthday boys, Swami took few groundnuts and dry grapes from a tray and gave to the three primary school children. Later in Ganesh portico.

Warden : Swami, what is the difference between Neeti and Nijayati?
Swami   : Neeti means morality and Nijayati means truth. In worldly things, they call it truth, in scholarly level, they call it ‘Satyam’, and spiritually they call it ‘Rutam’.
Prof.A.K. : Swami then what is Nijam?
Swami : It is like sugar in Panakam (a sweet drink). Nijam - it is only for some time, Truth - it is only for few days, Rutam- it is Eternal truth.
Prof.A.K. : Wonderful Swami.

Brindavan Warden : Swami, October 20th is on Friday. Sixty years of your mission is completed.

Swami gently smiled and explained how Maya went off with the loss of His collar pin in his school days. Swami also mentioned about his first Bhajan - Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam and sang in a low tone some the songs composed by Him during childhood.

Source: Students with Sai Conversations Part 2 (2000-2004)

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