How can I make good use of this Physical Body?

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks...

My Dear Students!

The physical body, the sense organs, the mind and the intellect are the vestures worn by all human beings. Only when you understand the subtle meaning and the mysteries of the vestures which are your own, you would be able to decipher the real benefit of it. You are wearing a pant, a shirt, a coat, etc. Only when you understand how to use and how to wear the cloth properly, will you be able to get the benefit. On the other hand if you do not know what a shirt is, then you are likely to misuse it. A person who does not know what a banyan is, may wear it over a shirt! A person who does not know what a pant is may wear it in a reverse fashion. Therefore, you should understand the purpose of all those clothes which you are wearing, then only will they give you beauty and joy.

Similar is the situation with this physical body. This body is worn by you. In the very first instance, if you understand how to use it, how to wear it and how to get benefit from it, it will be appropriately useful to you. 

Deha: Deha (the body), as everyone knows, will burn down after death. Not only that. This body burns with worries even as you live. This body is full of dirt. It is a basket full of diseases. It is the one which undergoes various modifications and it does not help you to cross the ocean of Bhava (life and death). This body is made of five elements. This body is going to fall down one day or the other. But the Indweller is the permanent one. If you see properly there is no birth, death and bondage for the Indweller. Truly speaking, the Indweller itself is the God of all Gods. You are like God of Gods and this physical body is just worn by you. You can enjoy this body, but do it with a sense of discrimination.

Shareeram: There is another name given to this body, which is Shareeram. That means this physical body gets worn out and destroyed. When this physical body is born, it is a mass of blood. With all its tenderness, it will be highly attractive. Gradually, this physical body enters the stage of youth. It also expresses itself with a sense of ego on account of beauty. Then it enters into old age. In this age, your body becomes weak. Thus, this physical body undergoes many changes. It has got the name Shareeram because it develops and finally gets destroyed. 

Mandiram: This body also has a third name, which is Mandiram. Why is this body described as Mandiram or temple? It has been described as Mandiram or temple because it is the house of God. This is the most sacred and Divine residence of the Lord. It is not proper to abuse or misuse this temple of God. The body has to be utilised in a proper way or sacred way. That is why it is said that this body must be used for performing good acts, good deeds and good conduct. This body is given to us to conduct ourselves on the path of righteousness. This entire body is given for performing righteous deeds. This body is used for performing right actions, but you should maintain this physical body in a proper way. The body is like an instrument, and when this body is fit, it can be used in a proper way. Take the example of the pen which you use. For it to function properly; it should have ink in it, and its nib should be perfect. Similarly, the sword is another example. It can be used properly only when it is sharp. Therefore, when this body has to perform some activity or righteous action it has to be in a good condition. A knife is useful only for cutting vegetables, fruits or some other perishable item, but if you use a knife for cutting some hard material it is in vain. Therefore you should have proper knowledge and discrimination power to use this body in a proper way.

You should put a question to yourself before performing any action, “I am the very embodiment of Atma, hence I am living in this body. Is it right to perform this task? Is this action worthy of being performed or unworthy of being performed?” Once you ask such a question to yourself, you will be able to perform righteous acts. Just because you are having a physical body you should not misuse it. This physical body is given to you to perform right actions. The body should be regarded as a temple of God.

Kshetram: Another name given to this body is Kshetram or the field. This physical body is the field and the one who recognises this field is known as a Kshetrajna. You are the one who should recognise and learn about this Kshetra or the field. You have to be a witness to this physical body and therefore you should have authority to utilise this body properly. Hence you should maintain this body in a sacred way. We call holy places such as Kashi, Badri and Tirupati as Kshetra. What is the use of this word Kshetra for describing these places? There is a sacred environment in these places and hence these pilgrimage centres are called Kshetras. In all these pilgrimage centres, there will be various rituals and prayers performed to please the Lord. There is a Divine environment that prevails in all these places. Similarly, we should use this physical body which is the temple of God for performing righteous actions or deeds. The inner meaning of this body is to perform right actions and right conduct.

Second meaning for this is field, i.e. whatever seed you sow the same crop you get. If you sow good thoughts, you will reap good actions, but if you sow evil thoughts the fruit will also be evil. This is the field where you sow the seeds of sin or virtue. On the field you cannot go on sowing seeds as and when you like. It is a regulated process based on time. You also have to see what type of soil supports which type of seeds. But this body can be cultivated at any time and under all circumstances. Throughout day and night you can cultivate this body. In the external agricultural fields you may get a crop or you may not get a crop. You may not realise your expectations in the fields. However, the special feature of this body is that whatever seeds you sow, it reaps only that. Whatever deeds you perform, it leads to that particular action. The crop you get can never be less by even half a percent than what you have sown. 

How can the crop be different from the seeds which you have sown! You are going to reap the results depending upon the way your body performs the action. The crop depends upon your own thought process. The crops depend on your action, and whatever are your thoughts the same will be your actions. You should always make an effort to sow seeds of good thoughts. You should not misuse this physical body the way you like. You should not enjoy the way you like. It is very essential to think and understand how this physical body is useful. The one who aspires for having good thoughts and good deeds alone can make proper use of this body. 


  1. Swami always impart real knowledge to students and rest of us. We all have to make good use of physical body shown by Swami. Interesting article.

  2. Happy to know real meaning of body and how to make best use of it. Very useful article. Thanks



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