Surrender Everything... I will take care...

November 10, 1992

In the morning, Bhagavan was speaking to the Director of the Airport. The test flight of a larger aircraft on the extended (from 5,000 to 9,000 feet) runway was to take place today. The Director sought and obtained Swami’s blessings on this occasion.
Bhagavan was then mentioning about how ego impedes the successful completion of the tasks
Swami : Ego obstructs. Kill Ego. Not just kill, burn it into ashes! Then I will take care. Ego gives fear. Leave ego and leave everything to Me.

Sri Sathya Sai in Sai Kulwant Hall

In the evening, Bhagavan called in the crew of the test flight that landed in the morning. The Commander of the test flight whole heartedly agreed that the airport runway was fabulous. 
Commander : No trouble.

Bhagavan then called one of the elders …
Swami : Pagal!! Are you Pagal? Then why did you come when I called Pagal?
Devotee : Yes, Swami! I am Pagal. These students here are Pagal too!
Swami : What are you mad after? Your wife? Today’s students keep thinking of their wives. They all want ‘Sita’ as wife! How is it possible? Sita can wed ‘A Rama’ only. Rama and Surpanakha can never be together, and likewise Ravana and Sita. Today's students behave like Ravana and desire Sita! This is hysteria!
Swami : Are you having hysteria?
Devotee : Yes, Swami! Hysteria for You.
Swami : For Me? No, No! If it is for Me, it is not Hysteria. It is history, His-Story. Everything is His-Story!
Devotee : Swami, You know everything that is in my ‘Dil’ (heart).
Swami : Dil? What is Dil? Where is your ‘Dil’ now?
Devotee : Swami, with You!
Swami : With Me? No, No! I have no Dil! You put all worldly matters in ‘Dil’. That is why you get lots of trouble. Remove all this. Surrender everything and I will take care!

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  1. Lovely conversation between Swamy and His devotee:)
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