Swami... You are not taking care of Your Body...

November 27, 1999

After the interview was over, Swami came out.  He talked to some of the elders seated in the veranda.  Then, He went towards the birthday boys to bless them. He accepted a letter from one of the primary school boys and read it out to the elders seated there. After materializing Vibhuti for the birthday boys, He came to the third block towards the students.

Swami : A Primary School boy has written this letter.  His name is Varun Rai. (Swami called that boy and asked his name) Varun Rai, yes! 

(Swami reads the letter) 

“Swami, I have a prayer. You are not taking care of your body. Please take care of Your body’s health. You are my aim. You are my goal. My life. You are my everything. If You are fine, then everything is fine. Please take care of Your body’s health. This is my birthday prayer.” 

(Swami stopped reading the letter and then to the boys…) See, how he has written! Does anyone write like this? No. Only selfish, selfish, selfish. My health, my health, my health. Swami, I want this... do this for me.  

Swami went to the staff members and again read out the letter.  He went back to the portico and talked to a Primary School boy. After that, He went to the Bhajan hall and again read out the letter.

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations (1991-2000)

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