Swept-off by Sri Sathya Sai - By Indreshwar Singh Sirohi

On a lazy evening after an event-less flight, with 80 minutes of boredom accompanied by occasional bumps, which shattered my dream, we finally touched down at Bangalore. By this time the stars had begun to peep and looked like twinkling diamonds scattered over a vast black carpet. As it was late and we (my mother and grandmother) were tired, we decided to spend the night in the city and drive to Whitefield the next day. So we got ourselves accommodated in West End Hotel and after a hearty meal, found ourselves slipping into dreamland. Next morning before the sun said “Hello”, I was up and about, full of spirit, anticipating the pleasure of our beloved Sai’s Darshan.

I am one of those people who are all stomach. Thus I could not resist the temptation of all those yummy dishes mentioned on the breakfast menu, and the next moment I found myself relishing a heavy breakfast consisting of omelette and scrambled eggs. As this was done on the quiet, later my conscience bit me and I informed my family. Naturally they were annoyed, but their scolding dissolved into pleasant talks as we started our journey to Whitefield. Once again I was lost in the thoughts on basking in the Sai glory. The rest were enjoying the scene amidst the company of flies. Finally we reached out destination, the abode of eternal bliss and peace. In the sweet melodies He enquired, “Gopal breakfast me Kya Khaya?” (Gopal, what did you have for breakfast?). 

This struck me like a bolt out of the blue. I had never expected this question even in my wildest imagination. I turned to my mother and grandmother for support, but both of them turned their faces away trying not to reveal their smiles showing prominently on their face. But, for me it was far from being a source of amusement. And, there I stood in a dilemma, well aware of the fact that my knees were shaking. In the few fractions of a second that followed, there ensued a terrible debate in my mind. My stream of thoughts was split up into two camps, one urged me to speak the bitter truth, the other bearing the consequences of the fact, held me back, asking me either to lie or just blurt out the word ‘Swami’ with a weak smile. Terror gripped me, I felt suffocated. My heart seemed to beat faster and louder than the engine of a roaring motor car. And my element of resourcefulness went galloping in all possible directions seeking a solution. This interval of time was a torture and was unbearable. I hoped somebody would walk just in a nick of time and save me from this appalling mess I had got into. I stared dumbfounded and helplessly at Swami, who reciprocated with a lovely but questioning expression. On seeing this, courage dominated and in a quivering voice I managed to speak, Swami, omelette and scramble eggs Khaya (I ate omelette and scrambled eggs). At this the all-knowing reacted in an innocent manner pretending that those two words had not had the privilege of entering His ears. While I was stammering to explain its meaning, one of the devotees came to my rescue and did the rest for me. 

Swami still determined to carry on, said, “Aiyoo, Kya Gopal not satisfied with killing one egg, you had two and that too it was prepared in such a manner that it was beaten up!” That moment was a hilarious one as all the devotees were struggling hard to suppress their laughter. But my face was carved into a ridiculous expression by the mixture of feelings that I experienced. Then the ever-loving Sai Maa quite contrary to the sacred rules of diet as suggested by Him, consoled me with compassionate words oozing love, “Good boy, eat eggs, they are food for a growing child.” 

Brother Indreshwar Singh Sirohi (second from left) on the day of his marriage in April 2000 at Trayee Brindavan

Such are the ways of the mysterious one. For a layman it may seem that He is entertaining Himself by His Leelas, but actually it is a lesson in disguise. This experience is deeply embedded in my heart and His words still echo in my mind.

- Indreshwar Singh Sirohi
Alumnus, Department of Commerce (1988-1991)
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Brindavan Campus

Source: Sai Nandana 1985 (60th Birthday Offering)

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