What do I desire on My Birthday?

Sri Sathya Sai on His Birthday

After the Summer Course was over, Indulal Shah, V. Srinivasan (Members of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust) and others came to Me with plans for various projects to be carried out in the next three years. Each year they wanted to carry out one project. I told them: “You should not do anything for Me. You may do anything you desire for the sake of the people, the society and the poor”. I told Srinivasan, “I have three desires”.

Even I have some desires, not for My sake. “Today, middle class farmers are experiencing difficulties in cultivating their fields. Owners of five or six acres are not able to get labourers to work on their farms and do not have cattle for ploughing the fields. Therefore, you get 70 tractors to be presented to small farmers on My Seventieth birthday in 1995”. Action followed right in the wake of my words. The Escorts people were immediately contacted on the phone and the tractors were brought for the selection of those that would be suitable for small farmers. As Swami was offering the tractors free to small farmers, the Escorts people offered a concession in price. Orders were placed immediately for 70 tractors.

Srinivasan asked what was Swami’s second wish. Swami said that young people were going about in Puttaparthi without any occupation and taking to bad ways. Some useful work should be provided for them. The Super Speciality Hospital is far from the township. Even the Post Office is at a great distance. Many people are having difficulty in going to these places. To provide employment to these unemployed youth and provide an essential amenity for the public, Swami suggested that 70 autorickshaws may be provided to the unemployed. “If these young men are given these vehicles, it would please me,” I said. Orders have been placed for these autorickshaws.

The third wish was this: There are a number of women belonging to good families, who have no independent means to sustain themselves and are not in a position to take up jobs outside. I felt that such women should be taught tailoring and given a sewing machine so that they can earn some income independently. Immediately, 70 sewing machines have been purchased.

A fourth wish: Marriage should be performed for 70 poor couples without regard to caste or creed. The marriage should be such that they should feel happier beyond all their previous experiences in life. It is not enough to give them wedding clothes and the Mangala-sutram. The Mangala-sutram should be attached to a gold chain. In addition, to enable them to lead a life of ideal householders, each couple should be provided with a home.

In this manner, all My thoughts are devoted to promoting the good of others. Is any Government or wealthy person thinking along these lines? None at all. When such sacred things are being done, jealousy rears its head in some persons. This is the outcome of their sins. These envious folk will not do anything good themselves, nor will they allow others to do good. This is not a human quality. A true human being should be filled with large-hearted sentiments.

- July 3, 1993, Prasanthi Nilayam

Sri Sathya Sai distributing tricycles on the occasion of His 70th Birthday - 1995

I am prepared to help anyone from any village, any state or any community. I do not cherish differences of any kind. Whether you believe it or not, I may assure you that I respect only one caste, the caste of humanity, only one religion, the religion of Love and only one language, the language of the heart. I shall never say “No” to anybody who seeks My help, whatever his caste, region or creed may be. A good many devotees are gathered here. I am prepared even to part with Prasanthi Nilayam to meet your requests. I am prepared to do anything for the good of the people. That is My only concern. I am working only to make the people worthy of the Lord’s grace. Few persons recognise this fact. Even those who have been coming to Me for years do not recognise this truth. It is difficult to comprehend the truth about the ways of the Divine. All of you should attend to your duties with faith in the Divine. All will be well with you. This is the path pursued by our ancients. In those days there were no parties and warring factions. All acted with one mind. That was the message of the Vedas. “Let us work together, enjoy together, love one another and share our joy with all” – this was the glorious message of the Rig Veda. Men based their lives on the injunctions of the Vedas. Today when these injunctions are not respected, how can human life be sacred?

- October 11, 1997, Prasanthi Nilayam

Sri Sathya Sai on His Birthday in the Poornachandra Auditorium

I do not expect anything from you. Only, develop Love within you. Regard all mankind with fraternal feelings. Recognise all as the children of God. Bear no ill-will or hatred towards anyone. Do not hurt anyone’s feelings. Only such a large-hearted attitude will confer on you limitless bliss. If you are celebrating Swami’s birthday, this is all that I desire from you. Have unity among yourselves. Strive to revive and promote the glory of Bharat.

- November 23, 1990, Prasanthi Nilayam

Source: Sathya Sai Baba, Chapter 8, Sai Vani: Avatar on Avatar Purushas


  1. Sairam! Thanks for posting such a beautiful and most appropriate Divine message and this will remind us to have service attitude and that will make our beloved Swami happy on HIS birthday.

  2. Sweet little reminders of what the Lord really wants.

  3. Sweet little reminders of what the Lord really wants from us.



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