When Sri Sathya Sai sent His Birthday gift for a cat…

Thursday, November 23, 1972

Sri Sathya Sai in the Prasanthi Nilayam Bhajan Hall

Swami granted an interview to 60 devotees from Guwahati in the Bhajan Hall at Prashanti Nilayam on 23rd November, 1972. He gave them a Discourse and distributed packets of Vibhuti to each one of them. To one particular lady, Lakhi, He gave extra packets of Vibhuti and told her, These are for the cat. Lakhi initially did not understand what Swami meant. A little later, she recollected an incident that took place in her house at Guwahati 6 months back. During a feast at home her pet cat Minkie suddenly pounced on the dining table to bite a fish preparation. Astonished by her pet’s misbehaviour in the presence of her guests, she lashed Minkie with a stick. At that particular moment when she lashed the cat, all photos of Swami hanging on the wall fell down with a loud bang. All other photos remained intact. Shaken with penitence, she rushed to the cat, and held it in her hands. There was a shower of fragrant Vibhuti on its body. The Vibhuti was unmistakably Swami’s. Lakhi wept her heart out to Swami in repentance. The cat’s wounds soon healed. Now after 6 months, Swami in His unbound compassion gave extra packets of Vibhuti for the same cat thus proving His Omnipresence.

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