Why is the Hostel Schedule so tight in Our University?

Sri Sathya Sai at the Senior Boys Hostel at Prasanthi Nilayam

Do you know why you have such a tight schedule in the hostel? This schedule is not structured by the Trust. Swami has personally structured this schedule. I have ordered the syllabus to be tight. Why is it so? The minds of today’s children, if given time, will turn into a devil’s workshop. When the daily routine is tight, your mind cannot wander here and there. 

The mind is like a monkey. It is a monkey mind. How do you control such a monkey mind? Have you seen the people who play with the monkeys? The nature of the monkey is always fickle. Even for a moment it cannot keep still. The monkey trainer has a stick. He orders the monkey to go up and down the stick so that it is continuously engaged. Since it has to go up and down, it has no time for anything else. Similarly, the monkey mind has to be trained. What is the training? The chanting of ‘Soham’ is the ‘up and down’ stick of life. In your spare time, when you have finished your studies, watch your breath. Inhalation is ‘So’ and exhalation is ‘Ham’. That forms into the ‘Hamsa Gayatri’ Mantram. Through this Hamsa Gayatri mankind can attain Divinity. Man can do so many things which would keep his mind away from bad thoughts and bad feelings. But man allows the mind to wander madly. People are performing so many wrong actions. They have time to do other things but have no time for doing things which Swami tells them to do. Do they not have time to know about Bhagavan? Do they require many years to know Swami? For one who can really know Swami, even one moment is enough. If you want to kill anybody external to you, you need guns, rifles pistols, knives and sticks. But even a needle is enough to kill oneself. Similarly, to know God you need not waste a lot of time. You need not worry if God’s power and strength is infinite. How much time will it take to know God? Ocean, for instance, is very vast and infinite. But the taste of even one drop is enough to know the taste of the entire ocean. So too, if you know one atom of Swami’s Love that is enough. 

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