Sri Sathya Sai inaugurates Shivam, Hyderabad

Wednesday, April 04, 1973 to Sunday, April 15, 1973

Sri Sathya Sai inaugurating Shivam at Hyderabad

On 4th April, 1973, the Telugu New Year Day, Swami arrived at Hyderabad along with a group of students of the Brindavan College. Swami arrived at the new building, ‘Shivam,’ at 4.30 pm that evening; ‘Shivam’ was built in the shape of a Linga, and was meant to serve as Swami’s residence during His stay at Hyderabad. He hoisted the Prashanti Flag in the building to mark the inauguration of Shivam. Prof. Gokak described Swami’s recent tour of Bombay. Swami followed this up with His discourse. 

Sri Sathya Sai delivering the Discourse on the occasion of the inauguration of Shivam at Hyderabad

The holy week of Shivapuja was initiated on 5th morning, and Swami created a Shiva Linga for worship at Shivam. Swami gave Darshan and Discourses to thousands of devotees everyday from the 5th to the 12th. The gathering was also addressed by His students. On 12th, Sri Rama Navami Day, the Holy week of Shiva Puja came to an end with the valedictory offerings. Swami created a rosary of gems for the high priest. That evening, Sri Khandubhai Desai presided over the Rama Navami celebrations and Dr. B. R. Amarendra addressed the gathering prior to Swami’s Discourse. During Swami’s stay at Hyderabad, Swami Karunyananda, and the Minister Sri T. A. Pai spoke at the meetings. Swami left Hyderabad on 15th April.

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