What is the essence of the Teachings of Moses?

Thursday, August 10, 2000

The morning Bhajans were sung by devotees from Croatia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Slovenia. In the afternoon, after the interviews, Swami came to where the students were sitting and asked…

Swami : (To a student) Bhai Kab Aa Raha Hai? (When is your brother coming?)

Student : Day after tomorrow, Swami.

Swami : He should have come tomorrow, there is function in the morning. 

Which M.B.A. boy spoke this morning ? (One student, who spoke in the Moral Class at the Institute got up.) Moses? Who are Jews?

Student : Followers of Moses.

Swami : Who is Moses?

Student : A Prophet, Swami.

Swami : What is the essence of the teachings of Moses?

Student 1 : Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Student 2 : Love thy stranger as thyself.

Swami : Who is a stranger? First, you must enquire, that is Mimamsa (one of the six principal philosophies of the Sanathana Dharma). Everything they say is in Sanathana Dharma. (Smiling) Boys took books, sat in the night, made a copy, and spoke in the morning. What are the Ten Commandments?

Students : (The student began to tell the Ten Commandments.) I am the Lord, thy God. You shall not worship any God other than Me. You shall not steal. (Swami told the student who spoke in the morning to answer.) Thou shall not commit...

Swami : (Before the student could answer Swami turned to Dr. Sandipan Chatterjee, Faculty Member, Department of English at Swami’s University) They did under your guidance, isn't it? You tell the Ten Commandments. Tell what is in your heart.

Teacher : Those who seek God never suffer, they do not steal, and they do not lie.

Swami : Must not do Anyaya (injustice), Akrama (illegal, unrighteous actions), all these are there in Bharatiya Samskriti (Indian Culture). Everything has emerged from Indian culture only. Ekoham Bahusyaam (The primordial Divine Will – I am One, let Me become many), Ekam Sat Vipraah Bahuda Vadanti (The Truth is one, scholars refer to it in many ways). Our culture is Anaadi (eternal). 1,000 years back Islam came, 2,000 years back Christianity, 3,000 years back Judaism, 4,000 years back Buddhisim. But before 5,000 years, no one knows what happened. Indian culture is Anaadi (without a beginning/eternal). Lakhs of years have passed since Rama, Krishna… And even Yugas (ages) before that, the Sanatana Dharma existed. 

(When explaining the various measurements of time, the Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana, Bhagavad Gita, Vayu Purana, Mahabharata, and others agree on the measurements of the durations of the Yugas as:

Krita-Yuga = 4800 Divine years x 360 days = 1,728,000 human years;
Treta-Yuga = 3600 Divine years x 360 days = 1,296,000 human years;
Dvapara-Yuga = 2400 Divine years x 360 days = 864,000 human years;
Kali-Yuga = 1200 Divine years x 360 days = 432,000 human years.

A Maha-Yuga consisting of these four Yugas is of 12,000 Divine Years x 360 days = 43,20,000 human years.

According to these scriptures, Lord Krishna’s advent was in Dwapara Yuga and Lord Rama’s advent was in Treta Yuga. According to the Bhagavatam, the Kali Yuga commenced from the day when Lord Krishna gave up His mortal form, more than 5,000 years ago.) 

Swami : (To Prof. Anil Kumar) What is the news?

Prof. A. K. : (Spoke about Veerappan) He sent photos and audio cassettes.

Swami : What photos?

Prof. A. K. : Raj Kumar’s photos with Veerappan, his talks with him.

Swami : Why?

Prof. A. K. : To show that he is alright.

Swami : Why don’t they leave him?

Prof. A. K. : He said that he is alright and no harm is caused to him.

Swami : (To the Warden about food at the Hostel) Why no Kurma curry with Pulav?

Warden : Swami, we have given Raita. 

Prof. A. K. : Swami, it goes well with Pulav. 

Warden : We also gave Parotha. 

Swami : How was the function in the morning?

Warden : By Swami’s grace everything went on well. Swami, as You said the previous day, we have not performed Homam, we did Puja only.

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  1. The Lord made us really laugh after reading this article, why because He is aware of everything and is present everywhere and still the way He casually remarks why can't they leave him, made us laugh like anything....oh dear Saai...........what can we tell about You dear Lord...............



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