Sri Sathya Sai Guidelines for Mind Management

See no evil — see what is good.
Speak no evil — speak what is good.
Hear no evil — hear what is good.
Think of no evil — think what is good.
Do no evil — do what is good.

One should not allow one’s senses to go astray. One should not let apathy and agitations dictate terms. Discrimination should play a supportive role in one’s decision-making process. For this to become fruitful, general knowledge is also needed. However, today, general knowledge of students is partial. General knowledge and practical knowledge are very important. After completing studies, one must return home and serve one’s parents until one gets a job. Throughout the period of study, the parents help their children. Therefore, after studies, students must help their parents. Parents provide their children with the physical body, blood and money. Therefore, students must first serve their parents. How can management graduates succeed in managing a business organisation if they cannot make their parents happy in the first place? Today if the current generation takes care of the previous generation, the future generation will take care of the current generation in times to come. This is akin to action, reaction, reflection and resound. If one wishes to lead a happy life in future, one would have to engage oneself in good deeds in the present times. 

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