The Purest Type of Food

Sathya Sai Speaks

Today, man is making heroic attempts to enjoy bliss. All the actions he undertakes are for enjoyment. But bliss cannot be found in the external objects. Bliss is internal and subtle. All the feelings must emerge from that kind of bliss. All the worldly joys are only the reflections of the latent bliss. With the awareness of the Atma alone, can man enjoy true bliss? Take the example of fire. The smoke depends on the fire. Depending upon the type of smoke, the clouds form and depending upon the type of the clouds, it rains. Based on the rain, the crops are grown and the type of the food depends on the type of the crop.  The way of thinking is based on the food that is taken.

What is this fire? The smoke emerges from the fire and the fire is the result of skill in action, performed by man in life. The physical body is always involved in Karma. Thinking and hearing is Karma and doing actions with the hands is also Karma. The entire body of man is involved in Karma alone.

Human body, which is meant for doing action, must be given food that is pure in all aspects. What is the purest type of food? It must be Satwic, moderate, must have been earned through the right means and should be offered to God as an offering. Only then, Satwic feelings will emanate in man. The type of food you take must be earned in the right way. Food earned by unrighteous means will generate wicked feelings in us. How does it prompt us to go on the unrighteous path? This food takes the form of blood and muscles in the body. This same food becomes the mind. The state of mind depends on the type of food that is taken. Some are eating food that is full of Rajasic (passionate) and Tamasic (lethargic) qualities. Food earned through unrighteous means is also partaken. All right. But do they at least offer it to God? No, they do not. Do they take food in moderate quantities? No. They consume food in so much of an excess that there is no room in the stomach for even water to go in.

Man’s life is based on the mind, which is based upon the type of food and water we take. Thus, the entire life depends upon these two. The water that we drink becomes the life principle - Prana. That is how the food becomes the body and the mind. When this gross body, consisting of the principle of life and the principle of the mind, is maintained in a good and sound condition, only then can we reach Vijnanamaya Kosha, the sheath of knowledge.

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  1. Never read so much detail about the importance of Food in human life.



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