“Vedic pronunciation is good, but implementation needs to be improved…”

September 24, 1997

After giving interview to the Vedic Pandits who chanted Vedam during the Paaduka Prathishta function…

Swami : (To teacher) I gave clothes and told the guidelines on Aacharana (proper conduct) to the Pandits just now. Their Vaak (chanting) is good. 

Teacher : Yes, Swami, their Uccharana (Pronunciation) is good.

Swami : Yes, Uccharana is good, but Aacharana (implementation of Vedic Message in action) needs to be improved. I gave them instructions in this regard. You must be true to Kattu (Cloth tied around your waist), Bottu (ceremonial mark on the forehead) and Juttu (Hair). I also gave a Japamala to an old Pandit and told them to do Japa every day. If anyone doesn't do Japa even on one day, the Japamala given to him would disappear!

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations (1991-2000)

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