60,00,00,000 Likhita Naama Japa by Sai Devotees offered to Sri Sathya Sai

Sri Sathya Sai with idol of Hanuman

Wednesday, November 12, 1986

Consummation of a Likhita Japam Yajna conducted by Devotees

Likhita Japam note books containing 60 crore ‘Sai Ram’ Naama written by 3,620 devotees were offered to Bhagavan in the Prashanti Mandir on 12th November 1986. The Likhita Japam movement had been organised by Sri P. S. A. Subramanya Chettiar of Madurai, an ardent devotee of Bhagavan. 

The devotees came in a procession on 12th morning, carrying the bundles of Likhita Japam note books tied in a yellow cloth. The note books were then piled in front of the Ganesha idol in the Darshan grounds. Bhagavan blessed the unique devotional offering by sprinkling materialised Vibhuti over the note books and blessed all the devotees. 

He blessed the devotees assembled in the shed on the 13th, and unveiled a plaque on which His name had been inscribed in gilt letters, with each letter mounted on a silver lotus pedestal. He then addressed the devotees on the importance of Nama Japa. He went around and blessed them with Padanamaskar.

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