Divine Instructions for the Convocation Drama

October 19, 2002 (Saturday)


As per the usual practice, a drama is presented on the evening of the University Convocation day. Swami asked the Brindavan Warden, to supervise the preparations and He was Himself guiding its progress personally.

Swami : (To the Warden) Do not bring any topic about religion in the Convocation drama. There are clashes, as such, among people belonging to different religions. The present situation in the country is not good. All over, the people are quarrelling in the name of religion. So better avoid any reference to such a thing. Ours is only one religion – the religion of love. Rather, concentrate on the topic of education for all. That would be much better. The President (Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam) is the Chief Guest. It is appropriate if we concentrate on education in the drama.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India with Sri Sathya Sai, Revered Founder Chancellor, SSSIHL, on Convocation Day - November 22, 2002

Teacher : The President likes students and the topic of education. At his swearing-in-ceremony, he even invited some children.

Swami : Today, everything is politicised. Giving water, education, etc., everything is used for Swalaabha (for selfish purposes). Broad feelings for the nation are amiss in the leaders.

Teacher : Swami has once said, “We have not achieved unity though we achieved independence”.

Swami : I have always been saying that nothing can be achieved unless all people work united. Mere independence of the country is not enough.

As it was time for morning Bhajans, Swami went into the Bhajan hall.

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