He is always thinking of us… - By Karthik R.

Searched for wealth, of it I got every kind.
Searched for love, only in Sai I could find.
He who showers love, so pure and sweet,
I humbly offer myself at His Lotus Feet.

It is the best of times - a time when science and technology seems to be at its azimuth, when what happens in one corner of the planet, is known almost instantly at the other. Yes, we are at the forefront of the communication revolution. We are, so to say, ‘well connected’. But, we are facing a communication problem - a problem that cannot be solved by means of any technology, however advanced it may be, whether present or future. Science has connected us with the world, but at a cost, a huge cost, of disconnecting us with ourselves. 

In this age of technology, when none is far away from none, each of us have moved far from our real self into cauldrons of the Earth. We have lost that love and faith that connects us to us. We were all one. We have lost that love, that made us all one and today we are all alone, bereft of love and faith, surrounded by a gossamer of problems on all the sides. 

Driven by desperation and with an obsession for complete domination and filled with a passion for power, we have made our lives into a desert without an oasis, out of a beautiful garden. 

The solution to the problem - ‘Get Connected’, to our self, our own self, to our own ‘innernet’. And the only way of establishing this connection is through love, faith and prayer. 

If faith, by its presence, could part a wide sea for Moses, can it not shred the vices in us to pieces? If prayer, by its utterance could liberate the elephant, could it not liberate us from our mortal bound? If love can lead millions from far and away to this abode of peace, can it not grant us everlasting joy and peace?  

In our quest for feeding our greed, we have lost our real need. We have lost love, in its pure and pristine form. The story of contemporary humanity, that part of history to which all of us belong is of interesting irony and distressing agony. It is a story of poverty amidst plenty. 

At a time when He, who is love, who pours love in torrents, whose mere presence permeates pure love everywhere, whose beautiful smile could satiate our critical need many times over, who is everything and gives everything is amidst us, we are starving for the want of that very love, poverty amidst plenty. 

Every moment of His life, that highest form of love is for all to take. His love is beyond boundaries, beyond these divisions of the society and nations which men have drawn, separating man from man and ultimately each one from himself. 

His Love is beyond description.
Beyond all human comprehension.
Love is the essence of His mission,
Love is Sai’s defnition.

This love of Sai has given the ultimate joy to millions, was evident when once on the day just before His birthday, He called on the boys who were a part of the convocation drama that year for an interview. The boys went and sat around Bhagavan in silence. He, His children and silence! Moments ticked by. Their eyes were glued to Him, their minds puzzled by the quizzical silence. A sudden remark, He said, “I am thinking!” and smiled at one of them. Silence! He then continued, “I am thinking whether anyone had been left out during the sari distribution this morning.” a casual remark made after a very casual afterthought. And what does afterthought tell us? 

Even on the day before His birthday, when humanity in its entirety waits restlessly to sing the birthday song to their eternal companion who has come down to elevate the clan of Homo Sapiens, when this tiny town of Puttaparthi is agog with celebration of His incarnation, He thinks of His devotees! Love in its loftiest peak. 

Every day, every moment, it is this love that He has been giving to this entire universe in plenty so that we can become rich in values and poor in vices. Love is His message. His life is love. 

The definition of Sai is Love. Love is the definition of Sai. The communication that science has achieved, about which there is more hype than happening, there more pride than performance, is all external and spirituality begins where science ends. Spiritual communication is from you to you, me to me and us to Him. It begins and ends with ourselves. Inside us engulfing us, lifting us from the abyss to the Absolute and leading us from the gossamer to the goodness and to God. 
So let’s get connected to ourselves. 

Lord! Lead us away from this myriad,
Give unto us the enlightenment that all this is just a fad.
May into that world of lasting Love we be led,
Lord may to You we always stay connected.

- Karthik R. 
Alumnus, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus

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