Man is a Limited Company – Part 1: Sri Sathya Sai Paradigm

MBA stands for ‘Master of Business Administration’. But a question should be asked: What sort of business or trade is under consideration? Is it financial management or marketing management? You practise different types of management. Today, people have fancy for modern and trendy practices and material things. However, without a change in mind-set, none of them would be truly useful. Of all types of management, the management of human beings (Man Management) is most important. The one, who understands oneself, can only understand all other facets properly. You are Indians and ours is the Indian culture. You may be dealing with the Americans, Russians, Germans or Japanese and may have to adopt different styles of management tailor-made to suit different cultures. All such practices would have to be replicable in different scales of operation and environments. 

However, there is one thing that is important, which if recognised, tantamounts to understanding everything. Man is a ‘Limited Company’. In the human body, there is an ideal limit for everything. For example, the normal blood pressure reading should be 120/80; body temperature should be 98.4F and a slight increase to 99F indicates symptoms of disease or disorder. If the eyeballs are exposed to light that is too intense, the retina would get damaged; the eardrums also have limits that cannot be crossed. For every part of the body, there is a limit. As such, every human being is a Limited Company. If the limits are not respected, then human life itself would face danger.       

One has to enquire as to who (what aspect of the human system) could be recognised as the manager of this ‘Limited Company’ called ‘man’? Buddhi (intellect) is the Managing Director and Manas (mind) is the Manager. First, we must understand the relationship between these two. These two are inter-connected and they communicate with every part of the human body. Communication between two individuals is not merely through phone or writing. It could be through body, mind, senses, emotions, feelings, etc. The interaction that takes place among all of them is real communication.

What is Communication?

Communication means understanding (meaning cohesive-coordination / cooperation / collaboration). If there is lack of understanding or cohesiveness among different sub-systems of any overall system, it impairs effective communication. For example, if eyes of a human being happen to see fruits on a tree, immediately a message is given by the mind to legs to move in that direction. As one nears the tree, back bends, then hands pick up a stone, hurl it in the direction of the fruit, and strike it down. The hand picks it up and then passes it over to the mouth. The soft tissue of the fruit reaches the stomach and thereafter its essence gets transmitted to the entire body as energy. So many organs have functional harmony and this perfect understanding and unified working have to be understood. There is thus close coordination / collaboration among all the organs of perception and action. 

In business, communication should be proper. If one is a manager, there would be technicians, raw material suppliers, electricians, water suppliers, sweepers, peons and dealers (who supply the stock to market) reporting to the manager. Not only this, one would be supervising production equipment also. Moreover, there are marketers who advertise this production. Along with all these people, there are shareholders. One should have proper relations with all of them. ‘Manager’ is not confined to the office in his division or department but belongs to the whole organisation.

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