“Now America’s opinion about India has changed…”

Sri Sathya Sai interacting with students and staff in the Prasanthi Nilayam portico

Tuesday, September 19, 2000




Swami    :    (To students) Tomorrow Language exam?

Students    :    No, Swami. Day after tomorrow.

Swami    :    All of you are Higher Secondary School students?

Students    :    Yes, Swami.

Swami    :    (Seeing a student holding something) What is that?

Student    :    Swami poem.

Swami    :    Question and Answers?

Student    :    No, Swami. (Swami went through the poem and then went back to the interview room. Afterwards to a teacher about Prof. Anil Kumar) How many times he went home.

Teacher    :    Swami, he was here only.

Swami    :    (Pointing to Prof. Anil Kumar) What did you have for tiffin? Vadas? How many Vadas?

Prof. A. K.    :    Swami, only three.

Swami    :    Only three? How many Pooris?

Prof. A. K.    :    No, Swami.

Swami    :    How many Dosas?

Prof. A. K.    :    No, Swami.

Swami    :    Who is there in your house now?

Prof. A. K.    :    Nobody is there Swami, only me.

Swami    :    Then why so many Vadas? You will eat everything yourself.

Prof. A. K.    :    Swami, one by one, in instalments!

Swami    :    Everything is fashion. Yesterday, Vajpayee spoke in America in Hindi. Then someone got up and asked, “Can’t you speak in English?” Then he said that he didn’t know proper English and that if he speaks in English, it may insult their English. You know why he said? His Guru told, “If you don’t know any language properly, talk in your mother tongue. Don’t get bad name to that language by making mistakes”. He is very simple. Because of simplicity, he has got such a good name. He has done so much for India. No one has got such a good name so far. Before people used to say that America is somewhere and India is somewhere. But now, they are one. Now Clinton has changed his opinion about India and now the relations have strengthened. Clinton’s wife called him (Vajpayee) for dinner party. She said it was the biggest party she gave. While going, Vajpayee took a Ganesha statue. Clinton asked about its significance. Vajpayee said that Ganesha would remove all the obstacles.

Prime Minister Vajpayee with President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton at the White House on September 17, 2000

Prof. A. K.    :    Swami, what is the size of it? Big or small?

Swami    :    Small, silver Ganesha. (To a student) From which place are you coming?

Student    :    Swami, Ichapuram.

Prof. A. K.    :    Ichapuram, Srikakulam district.

Swami    :    How old are you?

Student    :    Swami, 12½.

Swami    :    12½… (repeated). What are you studying? Which class?

Student    :    Eighth class, Swami.

Swami    :    Eighth! What do you want?

Student    :    Swami, You.

Swami    :    From Me, what do you want?

Student    :    Swami, Love.

Swami    :    (To Prof. Anil Kumar) Good reply. (Saying so, Swami materialised Vibhuti for the boy.)

Student    :    Swami, Padanamaskar.

Swami    :    Take. (Pointing to another boy) Are you studying well?

Student    :    Yes, Swami.

Swami    :    Who is your teacher? Attha Cheputunda (Is aunt teaching)?

Student    :    Swami, Ram Mohan sir. (Sri Ram Mohan Rao is Faculty Member in English at the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School at Prasanthi Nilayam.)

Swami    :    Which subject?

Student    :    Swami, English.

Swami    :    Good, study well. (At 5.28 pm, to Prof. Anil Kumar) Why didn’t they put the chair today? I went round and thought of sitting, but chair was not there. So, I went inside.

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