We Have Got The Name of Sai…. Sai Naamame Dorikekadaa

Sai Naamame Dorike Kadaa Taamasa Gunamula Narike Kadaa
Kaama Krodha Mohaandhakaaramula Kaalchi Kaalchi Masichese Kadaa 
Aaidu Bhootamulu Mringe Kadaa Paramaanandambuna Ponge Kadaa
Aaidaidiruvadi Aidula Sangamu Aadi Madhyamu Nantayu Velasina 
(Sai Naamame Dorike Kadaa …)
Chitraavati Teeramu Niliche Kadaa Gurudaasuni Madilo Palike Kadaa 
Puttaparti Deshamu Dayavaasitu Kaachee Bhaasura Daasulanelina
(Sai Naamame Dorike Kadaa …)


We have obtained the name of Sai; the evil qualities are cut asunder. 
The Divine name has burnt desire, anger and delusion to cinders. 
The body which is the combination of 25 entities has in it the 5 principles. 
The name has been there forever – in the beginning, middle and the end.
The name shines in its pristine glory on the banks of Chitravati. 
This name resounds in the hearts of the disciples of Sai, the Sadguru. 
Puttaparthi shines as the abode of the splendrous devotees of God.

(Note: This song has been composed by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.)

Source: Song 53, Section 6, Telugu Group Songs, Vandana: Students’ Prayer Book

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  1. Sairam. Thank u vry much for the lyrics and audio of this song. Was looking for a long time. Just one request - some of the lines in the audio are not captured in the lyrics text. Request if you could help to capture them too.



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