What is the benefit of singing Bhajans?

Do not think that Bhajans are not of any use. The happiness and joy that you derive from Bhajans is unsurpassed. Bhajans are like a meal for us. Your life will be joyous if you spend time in Bhajans. Saints such as Jayadeva, Gauranga and Tukaram sanctified their lives by singing Bhajans. Listening to God’s name (Shravanam), singing His glory (Keertanam), contemplating on the name of Lord Vishnu (Vishnu Smaranam), worshipping the Lotus feet of God (Pada Sevanam), offering salutations (Vandanam), performing worship (Archanam), servitude (Dasyam), developing an attitude of friendship with God (Sakhyam), and surrendering to God (Atma Nivedanam) are the nine paths to God. All the nine paths to Divinity (Nav Vidha Bhakti Marga) are, in essence, contemplation on God. Contemplation on God, therefore, should not be neglected. The unrest in today’s world is only due to this negligence. Bhajans that you sing give peace to the entire world. You should, while singing Bhajans, develop the attitude of ‘Loka Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu’, which means let all the worlds be at peace. You should aspire for world peace, developing pure thoughts and feelings in your hearts. 

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486-1534), an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna
Bhakta Tukaram (1577-1650), an ardent devotee of Lord Panduranga

Try to drive away bad thoughts, feelings and qualities. In fact they are responsible for the inhuman aspect present in you. Human life, despite all the education, is a mere waste, if you don’t have human qualities. ‘I am a man’ is only half truth. The other half is that ‘I am not an animal’. Humanness gets sanctified when these come together. ‘I am a man, not an animal, I am a man, not an animal, I am a man, not an animal’. You should join both these facts. You think you are a man. But you behave like an animal. Behave like a man if you think you are man. Do not succumb to evil practices. Contemplate on the Divine aspect to attain purity.   

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