Applying Management Studies at the Workplace: Sri Sathya Sai Guidelines

Man is a sacred being. Not only this, he is one with Divinity. Today, we are converting this humanity to animal nature and giving in to unrest. People must develop broad-mindedness. Think thus: “I am a man, not an animal”. We have to recall this dictum every moment. With such analysis, one should develop moral values. One should feel that, “My well-being lies in the society’s well-being. I should have a selfless mind-set. I should use my energy and capabilities for the good of society”. People should develop moral values and undertake service to society. Whatever organisation one may visit, whomever one may interact with; one is expected to get a good name. 

Students of business studies should not talk arrogantly, boasting that they are first class holders. They should conduct themselves with humility and obedience. New recruits and young managers should not parade their shrewdness before elders or senior managers. Whenever the senior executive or proprietor is found to be in a proper frame of mind, one should present one’s problems in an appropriate manner. One cannot always oblige, but one can always speak obligingly. By such acts and talk, one should cultivate human qualities. 

What one receives during academic life as academic inputs could be of a different nature from that which one is likely to encounter later in actual practice. All the inputs received during the course of studies might not be totally replicable in one’s own career later. One may have to make suitable modifications with discrimination for replicating them. Business students study so many subjects such as Communication Skills, Business Environment, Banking, Production Management and many more. Students appear to have understood everything. But they do not understand the basis of the phenomenal world. This is what Prahlada said in reply to a question posed by his father Hiranyakashyap, after the completion of his studies during an informal oral test. Hiranyakshyap asked him, “What is it that you have studied?” To this Prahlada replied: “I have received the essence of all education.” “What is it?”, the father asked. Prahlada replied that contemplation of God is the essence of all education. One should always keep God in mind. Undesirable qualities and thoughts will not gain entry if one keeps feeling the presence of God in one’s heart. Then only can we put the inputs received in our studies to good use. In order to put secular education to good use, one must develop spirituality. This is the ultimate home of truth.


[i] Prahlada is a character from the Indian Puranic texts, wherein he is famed for his intense devotion to Lord Vishnu, despite attempts by his father, Hiranyakashyap, to turn him to the contrary. He is considered to be a great devotee by followers of the Vaishnava traditions. A philosophical treatise is accredited to him in the Bhagavata Purana wherein Prahlada describes the process of loving worship to his lord, Vishnu.

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