“Our Primary School Students are marching very well…”

January 5, 1992

Swami was upset with the senior students about some observations made against them…

Swami       : There is too much talk. How many times have I told you not to talk too much? If you find anyone talking, slap him hard! Leave the consequences to  Me! I will see. One can be helped to climb the tree only if he has the inclination and interest to climb it. Then I can also help by pushing. If there is no interest to climb at all, then I cannot push. 

You study so much, but do not have a bit of gratitude. Of what use are these studies  then? Even a dog shows gratitude. You study so much and earn degrees. That will only feed you and give you a begging bowl. It does not matter at all. You must get a degree from Swami. That is more important. 

Morning, I saw the Primary School students marching. They are very good! Straight and correct. They are alert and healthy. Our Institute boys march as if they are having some problem with their stomachs! (Smiling) 

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