“What is the meaning of Sankranti?”

January 14, 2004 (Wednesday) 

Swami came for the evening Darshan and as Vedam chanting continued, He sat on His chair in the portico. After sometime, He called Shashank Shah, student from the second year M.B.A. class. 

Swami : Are you ready to give a talk? 

Shashank : Yes, Swami. Whatever You say. 

Swami : What Vedam are they chanting? 

Shashank : (After listening to the Vedam for a few seconds) Brahmanand Valli.

Swami : Is it Brahmanand Valli or Atmanand Valli? (Punning on the synonimity of the words 'Brahman' and 'Atman' in Advaita, Swami smiled at him. Then Swami called Sanjay Mahalingam, another student from the second year M.B.A. class.) Are you ready to give a talk? 

Sanjay : Yes, Swami. 

Swami : What is the meaning of Kranti? 

Shashank : Transformation. 

Sri Sathya Sai instructing Shashank Shah 

Swami : Yes, that is the message of Sankranti. The journey towards transformation. You must talk about the importance of this message in your talk. You must also mention that it is not enough to chant the Vedas. The message of the Vedas must be put into practice. That is more important than just chanting of the Mantras. Emphasise on this in your talk. 

Shashank : Yes, Swami 

Swami : Who will speak first? 

Then Swami Himself instructed Shashank Shah to speak first. He spoke on the theme of Swami’s Divine powers, and His control over the five elements. He included into his speech the points Swami had told him to highlight and interwove them with instances, thereby highlighting the message of Sankranti and the practice of the message of the Vedas in one’s daily life and conduct. 

Sanjay Mahalingam addressing the gathering
Sanjay Mahalingam then spoke on the theme of Sankranti and the importance of transformation in one’s spiritual journey. Swami was mighty happy with both the speeches. He then retired to the interview room. 

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