Lessons for Sai Students from the Story of the Three Rajus

Sathya Sai Speaks

There were three Rajus: Thyagaraju, Potharaju and Goparaju. 

Goparaju was also known as Ramadasu. You see for yourself how much devotion he cultivated. Whatever he obtained, he gave to God and said, “There lies my happiness.” History tells us that, when there was no shelter for Sri Rama, he made one for Him and gave away his money. 

Potharaju, who is also known as Pothana, is a jewel in the galaxy of the literary world. His brother-in-law came one day and asked him, “If you dedicate the great work of yours to the king, you will be very happy with the wealth he presents you.” Then Pothana said, “Oh! Srinatha, my only master is Sri Rama. I will give all my works only to my Master, and not to the king. I will enjoy whatever God gives me and not that which is presented by a man.” He said, “I will give my all, only to God.” Before composing the Bhagavatam, he said, “It is Sri Rama who writes, I am only an instrument.” He sanctified his life by sacrificing everything to God. 

Thyagaraju (1767-1847)
Thyagaraju believed that Rama was everything to him. “Without You, I would not live my life. My life is nothing without You. Where shall I find You? Oh Rama!” He said, “I will not live even a moment without You.” He lived his life with these feelings. The king of Thanjavoor sent exquisite and expensive ornaments and jewels in palanquins to him. Thyagaraju asked, “Oh mind, tell me which is more joyous – wealth or proximity of the Lord? When kings themselves are temporary, are these things permanent?” Since they can make all kinds of sacrifices, they were called Rajus (kings). The one who can make all kinds of renunciation, he only can be called a king. People think,“A king is one who has wealth and money”. Actually, people who sought renunciation are called kings. When you go to Rishikesh and Haridwar they address you as Maharaj (king). Sanyasis are Maharajas. Who is an emperor? The Lord, who is the emperor of emperors, is the real emperor. Yielding to these temporary desires, we are wasting our lives. We burden ourselves day by day. The quest for truth is the essence of knowledge. That is the goal and destination of knowledge. You have to realise yourself. Then only will you become Divine. You are the embodiment of truth. 

Students! You have to behave sincerely. If you do not behave like that, it is an insult to all of you and to humanity itself. Humility is the hallmark of education. Truth and character bring safety. Devotion is the very life. It is no use learning, without cultivating these three. Learning and learning, you are becoming foolish. What is the use of higher learning, without cultivating good character? One may be steeped in logic, but one does not obtain wisdom. What is the use of dying for education? You have to learn that, which is immortal and the eternal truth. You have to acquire that education which liberates you.

Be God-centred

Students! You know very well, more than the educated people, villagers have morality and integrity. More than the people of urban areas, the tribal people have better integrity and morality. Where there are educational institutions, courts and universities, there are seeds of immorality and dishonesty. There is more kindness and compassion, morality and goodness, in villagers than in educated people. More harm is done by the educated than by the uneducated. Today education has come down to such a low level. We have to mould ourselves into students, who will set a good example to the world. You must identify your mistakes and see to it that you do not repeat them. First, we have to respect others, and then only we can receive respect from others. Praying to God, we have to obtain His love. The one who owns that love for God is the true man. Man without love can no more be called a man. He is only man in form, but not in reality. By compassion, one should fill his life. Compassion is sheer wealth. We can fulfill our lives only by having compassion of God. By putting Vibhuti, Kumkum, by growing beard, by doing Japam, we would not get compassion. It is possible to get compassion only by concentrating on God.

Surrender Only To God 

Students! You must securely plant two things in your heart. As long as the blood is pure and flows clearly, our bodies will be healthy. Similarly, as long as the rain of devotion is present in us, we will be happy, and God won’t be far away from us. Let the good blood flow in your body. Install devotion in your heart. The purity of the body and the purity of the heart will be acquired at that time. You have to achieve this. That is true education. 

After attaining these virtues, you can do Bhajans and other good deeds. In our University, you have to demonstrate the highest excellence. There are crores of students elsewhere. I do not want such comparison between you and others. We have to compare ourselves with only ourselves. Take an illustration. We sow a seed, put soil, and add fertilizers. We water it, and we see to it that wind blows and light falls on it, and then it will grow into a sapling. When it has to grow into a sapling, all the above mentioned processes are required. It secures these things and grows into a tree. The tree is not made up of soil, water; it is not wind or light. It receives all these things but it grows in its own way, as a tree. Similarly, we have to imbibe in ourselves those qualities of virtuous people. Wherever there is good, acquire it; but grow as yourself. That is true humanity. Accept the things, but do not change your nature. Unfortunately, people are not of this kind today. When you see a person wearing a bush coat, you also want to wear it. Thereby, you are becoming a slave. Imitation is bad. Receive goodness from wherever it comes. But, live as yourselves. Surrender yourself to God, but not to ordinary men. This is the excellence of education. 


We should not imitate people from outside. Imitation degrades you. Creation is Divine. You should follow that. Like this, you should develop good habits; good character, cultivate good virtues and follow the true path. I hope and bless, that you will mould yourselves into excellent students. 

Source: Mould Yourself into Excellent Students, Discourse 1, My Dear Students, Volume 1

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