The Role of Sai Students in the World – By V. S. Ramamurthy

The relevance and practicality of Bhagawan’s Teachings with specific focus on Management as realised in the Corporate World 

Swami’s teachings on Management are the greatest treasure. The Sai students like all other business students over the world, have to face the Corporate World and come up successfully in their career. Swami has aptly explained the word MANAGER as: 

                                 M      MIND OF MAN  
                                 A AWARENESS OF ATMA
                                 N NATURE OF NATION
                                 A ASPECTS OF ENVIRONMENT
                                 G GUIDELINES OF GOODNESS
                                 E     ENQUIRY INTO ETHOS
                                 R ROLE OF RULES

I would like to share my experience in practicing Swami’s Management Philosophy in the Business World. I joined as a Sales and Marketing Executive in a medium scale company in Mumbai and was assigned the task of sales and marketing of electronic equipment to medical professionals and medical institutions. In due course, I was told by the company management, to make sales resorting to unethical means in order to survive in the market. Being a Sai Student, I resisted the move and eventually I was told to leave the company as I was not practicing the means of ‘modern’ business. I remembered what Swami had told us during our song session at Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami said, “Follow My teachings and you will succeed”. During our MBA course we were taught at the School of Business Management, Accounting and Finance that we management students should convert challenges into opportunities. 

I left the company and came to Brindavan for Swami’s Blessings and after having Swami’s Darshan in the morning, I left for Mumbai with great confidence. I applied for the job of a Lecturer in a college at Mumbai and during the interview I was asked how Swami’s teachings could be implemented in the academic curriculum and in the society. The inputs given to us during our study at School of Business Management were very useful in providing the answers in the interview. Eventually, I was selected for the job of a Lecturer. Thus Swami has shown me in my professional life that He takes care of those who follow His teachings. 

The experiences and nectarine interactions of the Students with Bhagawan in Prasanthi Nilayam: 

I wish to share the experiences we had during the first Grama Seva conducted by Swami, which shows how Swami enables us to develop management skills. A detailed plan was chalked out which included all the villages to be covered, date at which each village would be covered, groups going to each village, vehicle to be used for each village etc. Everyday students and staff of the University (both Prasanthi Nilayam and Brindavan campuses) would assemble at their respective places in the Ashram after morning Darshan. We would board the assigned vehicles with the Prasadam (food packets & clothes) and proceed to our respective villages. It was a memorable journey to go to every nook and corner of our villages where 70% of the Indian population resides. The villagers were overjoyed to receive Sai Students and greeted us like their own people. Everyday Swami asked us about the villages we covered and how the distribution was carried out. It was a nice experience for us, distributing Swami’s Love to the villagers. Swami showed us how Love multiplies itself when it is shared with others. 

The special place of the Students in the Heart of Bhagawan: 

The students had ample opportunities to listen to Swami’s Message on various topics during His evening Darshan in Sai Kulwant Hall in Prasanthi Nilayam. During one such evening, Swami asked one of the school students, “Who is your best friend?” The school boy answered, “Swami, all are my friends”. Swami with a smile asked him, “Who is your true friend?” The boy was silent and then Swami told all of us, “God is the true friend”. We were thrilled by Swami’s words. Then Swami added, “Fear Sin and Love God”. 

I take this opportunity to share yet another incident, which shows how Swami showered His grace on His students. During the first year of our MBA Course, we prayed to Swami to come to the Senior Boys Hostel and Bless us. Swami, pleased by our continuous prayers, decided to come to our Hostel. The Hostel was energized and all boys started working towards putting up a very good programme, to please Swami. 

Swami came in the evening. After the Vedic chants and the various programmes were over, Swami commenced His Divine Discourse. Swami said, “You (boys) have come from different places in the country to Me, to be My students. You are really blessed to be here with Me. You all would leave this place after your studies and go to your respective places and do some job. But remember students, wherever you go, Swami will always be with you, above you, below you, beside you. Have such faith and continue your studies.” Tears welled up in my eyes after listening to Swami’s proclamation of His Love for His students. 

Swami, during the 2nd year of our MBA Course, stopped talking to students and we were told that He was upset with us. The silent spell continued for about 6 months. Unable to bear it any longer, one day, during evening Darshan, we rushed towards Swami and fell at His Lotus Feet praying to Him to forgive us and talk to us. Swami in an ‘angry’ tone said, “I am always talking to you boys. But what is the change in you? What is the transformation in you? Nothing! Then why should I talk to you?” We started crying and once again prayed to Swami to talk to us. Swami then told our Vice Chancellor that He would be coming to the Institute the following morning. The Institute was decorated overnight. Swami came as per His promise and in the course of His Divine Discourse said, “Those who show ingratitude are more dangerous than venom and ingratitude is a sin. Your parents are always concerned for you and you must show your gratitude to them. Live your life with gratitude and I am ready to give up even My Life for you.” Listening to Swami speak to us after a dry spell of 6 months was very touching! 

The future role of the Management Graduates from SSSIHL, and how we can prepare ourselves for it: 

The future role of management graduates from SSSIHL is very important for today’s Corporate World. Today’s Corporate World is facing cut-throat competition from all areas. Swami’s teachings about competition are of great importance to Sai Students. Swami has said that competition is healthy only when quality is not sacrificed. It is unfortunate that in today’s market, everybody is concerned about quantity with no emphasis on quality. The launch of such substandard products in the market is harmful to society. Swami says that we must carefully analyse market requirements and concentrate on producing goods that will be of use to the public. 

One day, during evening Darshan, Swami asked one of our brothers, “What is your next Exam?” The boy said, “Swami, it is Marketing”. Swami asked, “What is Marketing?” The boy gave the textbook definition, but Swami was not pleased with the answer. Swami said, “Marketing is producing goods required by the society”.  

Swami has given clear concepts on various topics of management. As management graduates from SSSIHL, we should all practice Swami’s Teachings on Management, which is compiled in the book ‘Man Management’. In our workplace, if we are compelled to do anything unethical, we must explain to the people, the consequences of doing such unethical things and must resist the move. Today’s Corporate World is experiencing corruption, unethical practices, fraudulent measures for making quick profits, etc. and we should not be carried away with these. We should prove to the world that it is possible to run a business successfully and also make profits by practicing Swami’s Teachings. Means are as important as the end. The recent collapse of Enron Corporation due to misappropriation of company funds shows that no business can be successful in the long run by following unethical/immoral means. 

Swami has given inputs on various fields on Management such as Human Resources, Quality, Financial Management, Marketing, etc and by following His Guidelines in our day-to-day work, we can definitely make the Corporate World a better place. 

- V.S. Ramamurthy
Student (2000-2002) Department of Management Studies
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus

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