Trayee Sessions: Part 10

Sunday, April 30, 2001 

Sri Sathya Sai in Trayee Brindavan
After afternoon Bhajans, two students were ready with Sitar (C. G. Sai Prakash, II M.Sc. (Biosciences)) and Tabla (C. G. Sathish, III B.Com. class) in Trayee Brindavan. Swami came at 4.21 pm and spoke to a few students in the Central Hall. Coming to the Jhoola room, Swami saw one of the students with the musical instruments and asked… 

Swami : Why did you get it? Are you going to play? 

Swami hit on the student’s head indicating him not to move front. Swami then sat on the Jhoola. The first student came forward with a card in which were mentioned the songs he would play. It included Ramkatha and students’ Bhajans. Swami read the card. 

Swami : Will you play these songs? Go. (To another student) Tabla. (To all) Both are brothers. 

Swami created Vibhuti and gave it to the brothers. Swami again saw the card and sang the song, ‘Mere to Giridhar Gopal’. Swami asked one of them to follow. Swami corrected him three or four times singing, “Mere To…” Swami wanted a particular turning in the line. Then the student sang ‘Dusaro Na Koyi’. 

Swami : (Closing His ears) We can’t hear it. (To the Belgium Princes, jokingly) 
Both are twins. (To one of the brothers) How many years difference? 

Student : Two years, Swami. 

Swami : Two years? (All laughed as Swami had just mentioned that they were twins.) 

Swami took the Talam from a student and played it. Swami stopped the singer brother in the middle of the Ramakatha

Swami : Mere To… 

The Tabla brother played the song. After the first line… 

Swami : It went off Shruti. 

Swami sang the words once again and showed the correct turning. Swami was playing the Talam all the while. When the student missed the Talam… 

Swami : Dunnapotha! 

He then played ‘Payoji Maine…’ While he was playing, Swami made a face indicating that it was not proper. After the song… 

Swami : Nee Thalakai Atla Undi (It is like your head). How many years practice? 

Student : Three years, Swami. 

Swami : Three years? 

Student : Two and a half, Swami. 

Swami : Ah… Two and a half. 

Student : I will play Hindustani Classical. 

Swami : Ah! 

Student : Hindustani. 

Swami : Classical? Keep Shruti correctly. Adjust that string. Shruti is not correct. 

Swami told him the correct string to be adjusted on the Sitar. He then played Hindustani Classical song. When he momentarily stopped, Swami commented, “Dunnapotha”. Swami played Talam with one hand. After the song… 

Swami : Manchidi (Good). Hindustani music is like your head. (When the student adjusted a knob on the Sitar) Eh… Why did you change it? Keep it the same. If it remains like that it will be good. Adjust it again. (While he was getting ready for the next song, to Brindavan Warden) I can play well. 

B. Warden : We have seen those photos. 

Swami : Veena. (Turning to the Tabla brother) You play Tabla. (To the singer brother) You don’t accompany. (As he was playing the Tabla) Not this. 
Dha Dha. (Swami played the Talam to show the beat. After this) Manchidi (Good). (To the singer brother) Play Bhajans. Govinda Krishna Jai. 
Sri Sathya Sai playing the Talam
While Swami was playing the Talam, the string of the Talam came off. Swami showed it to the students and gave it away. He took another Talam and started playing it. But as the sound was awkward, He gave it back. After the Bhajans, Swami to a student singer…  

Swami : Sing a song. Any song. 

Student : Telugu song? 

Swami : Any song. (While he was getting ready) Where is the Tamil boy? 
(Swami was indicating to another singer. To that student) Dunnapotha. Sit here. 

The student sang a Telugu song. Swami indicated that the Harmonium be played louder. He indicated to the other singer as to why he was not singing along. Swami again played the Talam which had by now been restrung. After the song… 

Swami : Both together. 

Student : Qawwali? 

Swami : High pitch. 

When they were singing, Swami raised His hand indicating the higher notes and brought it down to indicate the lower ones. After the Qawwali… 

Swami : Not enough practice. But good. (To one of them) Sing Shankara. (In the middle of the song, Swami indicated him to stop.) Who else sings? 

(To a student) Do you sing? What about your brother? Does he sing? (Meanwhile another singer came forward.) What Shruti? Two? (After the song) No practice. What do you all do during the holidays? 

(To a singer) When are you going home? Not going? Go. (To another student, Tara Shankar, II B.Com) Assam, when are you going to Assam? 

Student : I want to be with You, Swami. 

Swami : (To another student) You also go. (After sometime) Tell some Vedam. 

The students chanted Vedam in unison. Swami chanted ‘Ganaanam Tva’ and ‘Prano Devi Saraswati’ with the students. After ‘Hari Om’ Swami asked them to chant further. The students chanted Rudram. While the students were chanting, Swami asked a student whether he knew it. The student replied that he knew the Mantram. Swami saw another student not chanting and asked non-verbally why he had not learnt it, and lovingly scolded him. Swami chanted the Mantram with the students. In the middle, Swami stopped the general chanting and indicated to a student to chant alone. After sometime, He indicated to another student to continue. He further asked another student to continue. When the student didn’t chant properly, Swami indicated that he was wrong. Swami then indicated to a teacher to continue. Finally Swami chanted along with the teacher, ‘Namaste Astu Bhagavan…’ 

Swami : Bas Bas (Enough). (Swami got up from the Jhoola, saw the singer brother) Not good. (To another student) How many Pannas of Vedam do you know? 

Student : I know Rudram, Swami. 

Swami : (To another student) You London? How many? 

Student : Ganapati. 

Swami : Good. 

Aarti was offered. Swami jokingly took the burning matchstick near the student. 
Swami gave Prasadam trays to the students.
Sri Sathya Sai interacting from the balcony inside Trayee Brindavan
Swami : (To a devotee from the Balcony) Not Sri Lanka, Singapore. 

Swami then retired for the day. 


  1. His loving looks...His beautiful smile...His inimitable ways...

  2. HIS loving looks...HIS beautiful smile..HIS inimitable ways..

  3. Beautiful! Hope to fine tune myself too!



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