Sri Sathya Sai and Shirdi Sai images emerge in the Lingam at Sravanabelgola

June, 1968 

The Shiva Lingam
(not the original image)
Two boys from Kothanagatta, a village nestling by the side of Sravanabelagola in the state of Karnataka, happened to hear about Swami. They rushed to Puttaparthi to have Darshan unmindful of all the travails the journey entailed. Upon arriving at Puttaparthi, Swami patted them and said, “Bangaru, Bangaru! I am present in your very village. Why undergo all these difficulties to come here? Henceforth you may have My Darshan at your village itself.” The boys returned to their village not quite convinced of whether or not Swami would reveal Himself to them over there. A century old Bana Linga obtained from the river Narmada was consecrated at Kothanagatta and served as their local Shiva temple. The boys gathered the village folk at this temple for a Bhajan session. They began singing Bhajans they had learnt at Puttaparthi. The village priest noticed colours beginning to appear on the Linga as soon as the boys began singing. The pattern transformed to reveal a garlanded form of Sathya Sai and also a full seated form of His previous Avatar, Shirdi Sai. This emergence was not just an evanescent one meant only for the eyes of the devotees present on that day. Eight years after this appearance, the Linga still afforded Darshan to the devotees with the forms of the two Sais clearly visible on the Linga. 

Source: Sri Sathya Sai Digvijayam (1926-1986)

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