Trayee Sessions – Part 12

Friday, May 4, 2001

Sri Sathya Sai at Trayee Brindavan
Swami came at 4.25 pm. He stood behind the door leading to the Central Hall for a few moments and jokingly closed and opened it. While coming to the Jhoola He spoke to a few people. Coming to the Jhoola, Swami saw outside the window and commented, ‘It may rain’.

Swami : (To a student) When are you going?

Student : 6th.

Swami : (To another) You?

Student : 6th.

Swami : (To another) 6th?

Student : No.

Swami : (To a Telugu speaking student) Be ready to speak in Telugu. (Seeing the strong wind outside, Swami asked the students sitting there to come in. To Dr. Narendra Reddy, a gastroenterology specialist from U.S.A. and an ardent Sai devotee for many decades) Doctor, when did you come? Narendra…

Devotee : Today.

Swami : How is America?

Devotee : It is fine by Your grace.
Sri Sathya Sai interacting with Students in the lawns of Trayee Brindavan
Swami : (To the Telugu-speaking student) Which class are you studying?

Student : M.B.A.

Swami : Before?

Student : Engineering.

Swami : Which Engineering?

Student : Civil.

Swami : Civil Engineering and M.B.A.? Small boy. (Swami indicated to him to go to the mic. To Brindavan Warden) Engineering and M.B.A., now going to speak in Telugu. (To the student) Where do you come from?

Student : Visakhapatnam.

Swami : Visakhapatnam. (The student kept looking at Swami.) Turn that side. (After his speech, Swami blessed him.) Any Tamil boys? (To Sujith, a student of the III B.Sc. (Bioscience) class) You speak. In Malayalam? Speak for sometime. Daily we have had only English speeches. Speak in Malayalam. Sing a song too. First speak and then sing a song. Or first sing and then speak. (The student took Namaskar and spoke in Malayalam. Swami blessed him after his speech. To Tara Shankar, a student of the II B.Com. class) Oriya? Or Assamese? Do you know Assam language?

Student : Bengali.

This student spoke in Bengali. When he mentioned that he had studied at Srisailam in Kerala, Swami asked, ‘Kerala?’ Swami then asked him to sing a song. The student started singing a song on a high note.

Swami : Eh! This is high pitch. Sing in lower pitch. (Swami blessed him after his speech.) Take lower pitch. If you have high pitch initially, you cannot sing higher later. (Turning to another student) Eh! Tamil come. (To Brindavan Warden) Who is Hindi (speaking)? Swami indicated to another student to be ready. The student took Namaskar and spoke in Tamil. He narrated an incident that happened when the Kanchi Acharya had come to his house. At this point of his speech, he began to fumble, as he could not get the right word for ‘come’ in Tamil. Swami helped him by telling, ‘Vandachu’. After his speech, Swami blessed him.

Swami : Who is Hindi? (To a student) Tall man, come. (When he came forward) Do you know Hindi? (To another student) You know Hindi? Go and speak.
Sri Sathya Sai blessing students from the balcony of Trayee Brindavan
After his speech in Hindi, Swami asked the previous student to speak. Swami then got up and took Aarti at 5.25 pm. He gave Prasadam trays to the boys and blessed all from the balcony before retiring for the day.

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