Numerology and the Problems associated with changing names…

June 12, 2002 (Wednesday) 

Swami : Emiti. Batches, Batches Lo Vastunnaru? (What is this? You are all coming in batches.) (Looking at the Music College boys) Evaru? Kacheri boys? 
(Who? Kacheri boys?) What is your name?

Student : Swami, Ashok Ahuja.

Swami : What is brother’s name?

Ashok : Amit Ahuja, Swami.

Swami : How many years difference between you?

Ashok : Swami, six years.
Swami called the Ashok’s brother and said…

Swami : You got 4.95 (out of 5.00 in the Cumulative Grade Point Average (C.G.P.A.)) evaluation system followed at the Institute) in the examination. 
Your brother got 4.85. (Looking at the teachers seated in the front). This boy got 4.95. The examiner gave wrong to one question. They could have given him 5.00.

Prof. A. K. : Swami, maybe he has written extra answer.

Swami : Only one boy got 4.95. No one else could get in the class. (Looking at the boy) When are parents coming?

Student : Swami they came on 8th.

Swami : Tomorrow is Thursday. I shall give interview to your parents in the morning.
Swami created a golden chain with His face carved on it and put it around Amit’s neck. Swami spoke to the Vice-Chancellor, Sri S. V. Giri about the student’s Ph.D. topic and the guide and said…

Swami : I know which subject to be given to whom.
Saying so, Swami enquired about the Head, Department of Economics, Prof. Vishwanath Pandit, who was to guide this student. Then, Swami took a letter from a Music College student and started reading it. He called the boy and told him…

Swami : You have got to improve your English. There is no space between ‘I’ and ‘am’. You have written them together. (After going through the letter.) What is your name?

Student : Swami, Rama Krishna.

Swami : You have written your name wrong. You have written ‘Rama Krisna’. You forgot the ‘h’ in ‘Krisna’.

Student : No, Swami. My father changed my name to ‘Krisna’ because of numerological reasons.

Swami : Nowadays it has become a fashion to 
change names. Changing names can also lead to Pramadam (problems). There is a small story regarding this. There was a girl who finished her high school and joined a college for B.Sc. Her name was Lakshmi. After coming to college, she changed her name to ‘Lakshmi Murthy’. Murthy was her father’s name. After she passed out of college, she wrote a letter to her friend saying that she would be visiting her. She wrote saying, “We used to meet each other very often. We used to eat and sleep together. We went to so and so places” and so on. Her friend’s husband picked up the letter and he was very furious after reading the contents of the letter and finding the name ‘Lakshmi Murthy’ signed below. (Thinking that she had a relationship with a man) He scolded his wife and beat her black and blue. He threw her out of the house by catching the neck. Then one day, the girl came to her friend’s house and her friend’s husband learnt the truth. He told her that her name had caused many problems to them. Changing name is a fashion today. This is not just Vichitram (strange), but also Vikaaram (mistake) in today’s education. Changing names can also lead to Pramaadam (problems). 

Teacher : Swami, people say that having a name with three Aksharas (alphabets) is a good sign.

Swami : People in some places put their ancestors name to their children and the names become very big. (Swami mentioned some very big names as examples. Swami then called a student who had finished his postgraduation.) You got an ‘O’ grade in the examination.

Prof. A. K. : Swami knows everyone’s marks.

Swami : I know all your marks and everything.
(Pointing to a boy) Which class are you studying UG or PG?

Student : Swami M.F.M.

Swami : Which class are you studying?

Student : Swami, final year M.Sc. Maths.

Swami : You got ‘O’ grade. What do you want to do next?

Student : Swami, whatever You say.

Swami : You go back to your place and serve there.

Student : Swami, I want to be with You and serve You.

Swami : Your father is going to retire. Stay there and serve him. (Swami called Amit Ahuja, whom He has asked to do Ph.D.) Did sister also come?

Amit : Swami, she is in the Primary School.

Swami : (Looking at another student) What are you doing?

Student : Swami M.A. (Economics).

Swami : Add ‘D’ to it. M-A-D. What do you want to do after M.A.?

Student : Swami, I want to serve my country.

Swami : Manchidi (Good).
(Looking at Music College students seated in the front) Which class?

Student : Swami, seventh class over.

Swami : Which instrument?

Student : Swami, Veena.

Swami : It takes 20 years to learn Veena completely.

Swami then got up, blessed the birthday boys and went into the interview room. After some time, He called some boys for Prasadam distribution. 

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