The Uniqueness of the Sri Sathya Sai Institutes of Higher Medical Sciences

Sunday, June 30, 2002

Swami turned towards the interview room after walking through the ladies side after Darshan. Seeing the students sitting there: 

Swami : Why did you all come early today? 

Students : Swami today is Sunday. 

Swami then blessed a group of lady doctors from Chennai by listening to their songs. After the singing, Swami called one of the doctors. 

Swami : (To the students) She is a very great doctor. She is very famous in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. They are conducting summer camps now in villages around Chennai. There is a doctor’s conference in Chennai now. Last time it was in Bangalore. They conduct it every year. They are doing a lot of service. Till now they have treated 3,000 patients. There is no charge at all. The service they are doing is totally free. She is a singer too. She had given a performance here previously. She is also a good Tabla player, harmonist, and a good doctor. (Approaching towards the chair, to the school students) What was your tiffin (afternoon refreshments in the Hostel)? 

Students : Swami, buns. 

Swami : (To the Institute students) What was your Tiffin? 

Students : Swami, biscuits. 

Swami : In Primary School they give two items. One sweet and the other hot. (Turning towards the Music College students) How many Music College students got ‘O’ grade? (The students raise their hands. To one of the students) Are you a vocalist or an instrumentalist? 

Student : Swami, vocalist. 

Swami : What did you sing for the exam? 

Student : Swami, Keertana. 

Swami : Which Keertana

Student : Swami, Apparama Bhakti. 

Swami : (Calls a student holding card) What is this? 

Student : Swami please come to Hostel. 

Swami : Where is the Hostel? (After the pause) This is your Hostel (pointing to the Mandir. After the student goes back to his place) Who all want to become doctors? There are four seats. I will send them. (Few students raise their hands. Swami asks one of the boys) What are you studying? 

Student : Swami, Chemistry. 

Swami : How can Chemistry boys do M.B.B.S.? I want Biology students. (Turning to the teachers) A devotee has reserved 10 seats. Each seat is 20 lakhs.  
(To another student) What are you studying? 

Student : Swami, M.B.A. (Marketing). 

Swami : (To a school student) Where do you come from? 

Student : Swami, Muddenahalli. 

Swami : How many years did you study there? 

Student : Swami, three years. From 8th class to 10th class. 

Swami : What are you doing now? 

Student : Swami, I have taken Commerce subject. 

Swami : What do you want to do in future? 

Student : Swami, M.B.A. 

Swami : The M.B.A. seat reservation charge is Rs.5,00,000. Apart from that, they have to pay Rs.18,000 per year. I do not know why they charge so much and how the students pay that much? 

Teacher : Swami, the bank gives them loans. 

Swami : Even if they keep the amount which they are paying for a seat in the bank (as deposit), they can live on the interest! 

Prof. A. K. : Swami, today morning there were so many devotees going into the interview room. Who were they? 

Swami : They are from Iran.
(To the school student) From when were you studying in Muddenahalli? 

Student : Swami, from 8th class. 

Swami : Before that where were you studying? 

Student : Swami, Bangalore. 

Swami collects letters from many boys and goes back into the interview room. After a few minutes, He comes back again… 

Swami : The actor Shatrughan Sinha is going to become Minister. 
(Editor’s Note: Shatrughan Prasad Sinha is an Indian film actor and politician. He was blessed to act in the film ‘Shirdi Ke Sai Baba’ as one of the characters.) 

Prof. A. K. : Yes Swami, he is man of strong words in the party. 

Swami : (After a pause) How many new boys? (The boys raise their hands.) 
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Prasanthigram
Swami then called Sri Ravi Mariwala (Sri R. M.), a senior student working in the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Prasanthigram, and told him to speak to the boys. He started the speech by reminding the students of their good fortune of being at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. He also advised that they should not waste this golden opportunity and should make use of every moment they are with Him. Swami asked the speaker to introduce himself first. The speaker introduced himself. 

Sri R. M. : Some of us were fortunate enough to be sent by Swami for training to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S.), after our M.B.A. 

(He then narrated a few experiences of his, during the stay in the hospital.) The British Broadcasting Corporation (B.B.C.), headed by Dr. Krukoff from U.S.A. had come to our hospital for their documentary named as ‘Mantra’. They were very impressed with the work going on here and were not able to believe that the treatment was totally free. He was most impressed by the Divine atmosphere in and around the hospital. Swami had given the photographer who was part of the team an interview. When we asked him what had happened in the interview room, he replied that his life had changed by just a few minutes of interaction with Him. 

Prof. A. K. : How do you rate the instruments in our hospital with the other hospitals? 

Sri R. M. : Once, a doctor from abroad had faxed a message to our hospital stating that he would come and work in our hospital if the following list of 24 items were present in the hospital. When one of the doctors received this fax, he sent it to me to check if the instruments were present. When I checked up for the instruments, they were present along with their spare stocks. 

Each instrument is worth Rs.5,00,000 - Rs.10,00,000. When some companies come to our hospital with their new products, we show them the product, which is already with us. So, the latest products are already with us. 
Once, a team of doctors wanted to set up a hospital free of cost for all the patients and hence came to our hospital to make a study. As they were looking around, they saw a few cupboards and out of curiosity, asked what they contained. When I replied that they were the stock material and that the total cost is around Rs.17,00,000, the doctors were simply astonished. 

Prof. A. K. : How do other doctors in other countries know about our hospital? 

Sri R. M.. : Most of the doctors know about our hospital through the symposia that we conduct. There is one doctor who was a cardiac surgeon at the Temple University, Philadelphia. He got a big offer from Chicago, which was a very risky job. So he was in a dilemma whether to go for the offer or not. When Swami called him one day for an interview, without he telling Swami about the dilemma, Swami told him that it would be good if he accepted the offer. The doctor replied that he was not sure of his success in that job, as it was very risky. But Swami told him that He was sure of his success. This instilled confidence in him and hence, he accepted the offer. Once, Dr. Frank Barnowski (a psychologist, regression therapist and Kirlian photography expert, who could see and detect aura around people) had come to our Hostel way back in the early 1980s. During his speech to the students in the Hostel-dining hall, he called the then Warden and measured his aura with the instrument he had got with him. The instrument showed that the aura was a couple of feet thick. 

He then told the Warden to think of the nature – rivers, mountains, etc. When the Warden contemplated on that for a few seconds, Dr. Frank again measured the aura and this time it was seven feet thick around his body. He now told the Warden to think of Swami. After a few seconds, when 
Dr. Frank wanted to measure the aura, he had to go into the quadrangle which was a few meters away, as it had extended till there! Thinking of Swami just for a few seconds was able to create such a big impact, and we get the chance to sit in front of that same Lord every day. So, we should make use of the opportunity to the fullest extent. 
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Bengaluru
Prof. A. K. : What is the doctor-to-patient ratio in our hospital? 

Sri R. M. : There is no account of such ratios because we try to send off the patient from the hospital as soon as possible. On the first day, the patient is operated, on the second day he starts eating normal food, on the third and fourth day he is kept in the ward and on the fifth day, he is discharged. 

The money spent on each patient sometimes is really enormous. For a few patients, we spend around Rs.10,000 per drug per day, which has to be taken for a few days. 

Swami : How many heart lung machines are there? 

Sri R. M. : Swami, there are three. There are also different technologies and techniques of operations coming up. And we have the latest technologies and techniques being applied in ours, which is purely due to Swami’s grace only. Each department in our hospital is nearly worth Rs.50,00,000. 

Swami : Many people do not know about our hospital. Here the doctors are very good and they do a lot service. 

Swami then asked an Institute student to speak, after which, He went back to the interview room. 

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