Sri Sathya Sai: The World Traveller – By Abhay Kini

Kaka alias ‘The little angel of football’ - I am sure you would have come across this name at some or the other time and marveled at the skill of this great footballer. Kaka is known for his omnipresence on the field, as the commentators have often quoted “Wherever the ball is, Kaka is there." But I would like you all to think for a minute - if Kaka is like an omnipresent angel on a small football field, then what about the person for whom the whole universe is a football field. Yes brothers, I am talking about our Bhagavan, who is all around us. 

Here, I am reminded of a very interesting incident which occurred a long time ago in the USA to Prof. Anantaraman, a visiting professor at our University, and an Adjunct Faculty at Harvard Business School, USA. He was attending a function organized by a Sai family. It was an important occasion and so they had hired a respectable Spanish chef, to cook for the function. Prof. Anantaraman at one point, entered the kitchen for some water. This chef came up to him and pointing to a photograph of Swami on the wall, asked him who that man was. Prof. Anantaraman proudly replied that the man in the photo was his Guru. She told him, to tell his Guru, not to enter the kitchen, as He had already come in thrice to tell her, not to put so much salt into the dishes, as it was Satwik food meant for devotees; and as she did not like anyone interfering with her cooking. She requested Prof. Anantaraman to kindly tell Him not come in again. 
Prof. Anantaraman with Sri Sathya Sai
Shocked at her statement, Prof. Anantaraman laughed in amazement and told her that, Swami lived thousands of miles away in a small village in India and had never visited America before. On hearing this, she became an ardent devotee of Swami and now she visits Prashanti Nilayam often to have Swami’s Darshan. From this incident, we not only learn that our Swami is omnipresent, but we also learn, how He instills the seed of devotion in a person’s heart and attracts them into the kingdom of love, of which we all are a part. 

On this note, I would like to share an experience of a Sai student, who is also my cousin. The Brindavan boys were putting up a 'Kavi Sammelan' programme in Sai Kulwant hall. My brother was to play the character of a Sanskrit poet. He had to recite a small poem, but was not comfortable with the last couplet of his verse. The night prior to the day of the programme, when all were asleep, my brother suddenly got up and decided to change the last two lines. Thus, using a torch light, he completed the job without anyone’s knowledge and performed the following day. After the programme, Swami was blessing and speaking to the students who participated. He beckoned to my brother and in His sweet and innocent voice asked him, "Kal rath do line change kiya? Kyon neend nahi aaya kya!"My brother was left speechless after this interaction and all he could do was to just bow his head to the all knowing Divinity. This small incident shows us how Swami waters and protects the sapling of love and devotion growing in our hearts. Swami’s omnipresent nature, not only helps us to instill devotion, but also strengthens our faith in Him. However, it is for us to feel His love and His presence everywhere. 

I am reminded of yet another incident, which in a way, is a lesson for all of us. This occurred in a private village school in Zimbabwe which was a Swami’s school run by devotees as a service. One day when all the students had assembled for the prayer in the hall, a teacher suddenly spotted Swami seated on the chair placed for Him. But, as she watched closely, she found that Swami was not his usual cool peaceful self. Instead, he looked agitated and restless, as if something was annoying him from inside. Suddenly Swami got up and walked straight out of the hall. To feed her growing curiosity the teacher followed suit. Outside she found Swami bending and arranging slippers neatly. 

Our Swami taught such a vital lesson in such a simple form. From that day on, all the children of that school kept their slippers neatly. This was practiced, to such an extent that they set a record of the most number of slippers neatly arranged in one area. This is the way Swami in His omnipresent form acts as a teacher to benefit us. Don’t you think we, on our part, should take home such lessons and act in away that will please Swami even before He can teach us? 

Swami is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. He is present everywhere, waiting to lend a helping hand. It is we, who should reach out to Him. So, instead of waiting for Swami to manifest Himself in front of us, to help us, we should reach within ourselves to find Him and once you achieve this, our confidence and faith will have no bounds. Swami says, "I am above you, below you, all around you and within you." But it is up to us to believe that truth. 

-Abhay Kini
Student (2012-14), Department of Management Studies
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus
Currently, Business Analyst at The Minacs Group, Bengaluru



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