Sai Students Video on Guru Pournima 2015 (Video)

An offering from His grateful students to Our Eternal Master - Sri Sathya Sai, on the occasion of Guru Pournima 2015.

As life goes on and on, sometimes we feel lost, confused, misdirected. But we have only failed to see that throughout this daunting and deceptive journey, we have at every stage been assisted by our Guru, accompanied by our Guide, and awakened by our dearest Sai. 

It is this unnoticed hand of His that puts life in its right perspective, that straightens out its topsy-turvy turns, and that always gives us something to look forward to.

Source: An Offering by the Multimedia Division, Sri Sathya Sai Hostel for Senior Students, Prasanthi Nilayam

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