“No one is thinking of the welfare of the people… Everyone is selfish…”

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

At 8.15 am, Swami went in car to see the Music College construction work. While going, He told a person about the Seva Dal who was opening the gate, “Seva Dal people work very fast”.  

During the evening Darshan, near the fourth block, Bhajan students asked permission to sing Stotrams on Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Swami : (Seeing them get up) Idi Forest Kade, Giraffelu Enduku (This is not a forest, then why these giraffes)? 

After giving Darshan, Swami distributed pens, first to the Research Scholars, and then to the recently passed out students seated in the first block. 

Swami : (To a waiting student) These pens are for teachers, I am not going to give you. (Then He went to the second and third blocks and distributed the pens personally to some teachers and few students. To a student) I saw your sister-in-law and your mother and gave Padanamaskar. But I could not find your brother. 

Student : Swami he is sitting in the old students’ block. 

Swami : Akkada Koorchuntae Yela, Nenu Ikkada Vethukuthunnanu (If he sits there what can I do? I was searching here). 

Student : Swami, shall I call him. 

Swami : Koorcho (Sit), keep quiet. When your Kalyanam (marriage) will be over, then come. (Sri Santhisri, Faculty member in Department of Telugu at Swami’s University showed something from far. Jokingly to Sri Santhisri) Do you want to get married? (The teacher came near Swami and gave a compilation of his articles in Telugu to Swami, and prayed to bless him and his book. Swami read the title of the book and went through many articles in it and pointed out a few things which were not of good handwriting.) Who wrote all this? You or your grandson? 

Teacher : Swami, some he wrote, some are written by me. 

Swami : (Smilingly) He swallowed so many letters, maybe he was very hungry. Where? I don’t find your handwriting? Doesn’t your wife write? 

Teacher : No, Swami. 

Swami : She gave me letter, her handwriting is better than yours. What about the sketches. 

Teacher : Swami, students did it. 

Swami : (Seeing a sketch of Jaya-Vijaya) Why their knees are hanging like that? 
(He kept quiet.) I shall go through it once more. (Swami gave Padanamaskar and returned the book. To Prof. Anil Kumar) Why are you looking at Me like that? 

Prof. A. K. : Nothing, Swami. 

Swami : Tell, why are you staring at Me? 

Prof. A. K. : Nothing, Swami. 

Swami : Tell, am I looking fat or thin? Are you looking at My dress? 

Prof. A. K. : Swami, Your feet. 

Swami : During November, there are going to be heavy rains. I do not know how we can have celebrations. 

Prof. A. K. : Swami, what about other programmes? Will they be here or in the 
(Sri Sathya Sai Hill View) stadium? 

Swami : How can we have in the stadium if rains are there? 

Prof. A. K. : Swami, if programme is here, then four times the people inside, will be outside. 

Swami : But on the other hand, if we have programmes inside, at least some people will be safe, some covering will be there. Pandal can be put. 

Prof. A. K. : Many will be required. 

Swami : In Kodaikanal, there are heavy rains. All the lower areas are filled with water. 

Prof. A. K. : Our Mandir (Sai Sruthi) is at a very high altitude, Swami. 

Swami : Steps Daaka Neellu Vacchinayi (Water has come upto the steps). 

Prof. A. K. : Swami, our Mandir is at 7,500 ft. 

Swami : Like boat-houses in a lake, only top is seen. So much water. One lady from Kodaikanal has come. She heard the rumour that Swami is coming to Kodaikanal in September. So she came to tell that Swami should not come now since there are heavy rains. Today, Chandrababu Naidu (Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh) spoke very well. No one is thinking of the welfare of the people. Everyone is selfish. 

Prof. A. K. : Swami, thirst for power. 

Swami : Not thirst for power, but thirst for money. Thirst for power causes thirst for money and vice-versa. Everywhere violence. Here people are crying due to rains and floods, there politics and violence. (To a student who was holding a letter) Which language? (The student could not understand what Swami was asking.) From Bombay (Mumbai)? Bombay heavy rains. 
Did you receive letter from your parents? How are they? 

Student : Yes, Swami, I received a letter recently. There are heavy rains. All roads are blocked. 

Swami : (To another student from Bombay) How is Bombay? 

Student : Heavy rains, Swami. 

Swami : What is your brother doing? 

Student : Swami, he is working in a bank. Computer… 

Swami : What course, did he complete? M.B.A.? 

Student : Swami, M.Tech. 

At 4.30 pm, Swami went into the Bhajan Hall. The Music students showed the card again. 

Swami : (Referring to the Saptaha Homam to be conducted for a week from Ganesh Chaturthi day) Their programme is also there, I have to see. They have put tents also. 

Teacher : Swami, can boys sing songs? 

Swami : I have to see that. At 6 o’ clock, there Saptaha should be started. I have to go there. I will see. 

Teacher : Swami, are boys going there? 

Swami : Sthalam Ledu (No place). Even for devotees, not much place is there. I will see, I will see. Tonight, they will come (referring to the people from Bangalore who will be conducting the Saptaha). I will talk to them and then I will see. (To a teacher referring to the Krishna’s hand in the idol) 
Finger should be bent more so that it looks as if Krishna is playing flute. Are there any Vaishyas (people belonging to the business community) here? 

Teacher : Means what Swami? 

Swami : Varthakallu (Merchants). (To a student) Are you a Vaishya

Student 1 : No, Swami. 

Student 2 : Swami, father is not well. 

Swami : What? 

Student : Swami, father is not well. You only have to take care. 

Swami : (Nodded in an affirmative and came out of Bhajan Hall. After sometime, He called Research Scholars and apples were distributed to all students. After distribution was over, to Prof. Anil Kumar) From where have these apples come? 

Prof. A. K. : Swami, may be from Kashmir or Himachal Pradesh. (Swami asked the same question to students.) 

Students : Swami, from Australia. (Actually the apples were from Australia.) 

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