When Sri Sathya Sai cured Col. Joga Rao in Bangalore while being in Prasanthi Nilayam…

October 13, 1992

Bhagavan announced that He would be leaving for Bangalore the next day. The boys pleaded that Bhagavan should stay back. Swami then explained…

Swami      : Actually, there was no programme made to go to Bangalore. But this afternoon, we got a phone call from Bangalore. Col. Joga Rao has been admitted in the ICU of Apollo Hospital. They say that he is serious and that Swami should come. (Pausing for a moment) Actually, I need not go there to save him. I can do that from anywhere. Boys must know this; I am doing this to teach you all how to show gratitude. Joga Rao is now 86 years old. But still he works as actively as a young man. It is My duty to go and see him. Boys must learn to show gratitude like this.

Student      : Swami, when will you be coming back?

Swami      : After one year!!… I am going tomorrow and coming back immediately.

(This interaction was a prophetic one, considering what happened the next day.)

October 14, 1992  

Rumours ran high regarding Swami’s expected time of departure to Bangalore, while Bhagavan Himself appeared least perturbed. It was during Bhajans that He told one of the elders that He had already gone and come back! Bhagavan was speaking to the District Collector.

Collector     : Baba, we heard that You were going to Bangalore today.

Swami     : Oh, yes! I already did!

While all were puzzled, Swami explained…

Yesterday afternoon, we got a call from Bangalore that Joga Rao had been admitted to the ICU of Apollo Hospital, Bangalore. They said that it was very serious. I assured them that there was nothing to worry about. Yesterday evening, I also told the boys that I would be going to Bangalore today.

Poor boys! They thought that I was going to Bangalore in the morning, that the car would be brought, and that they would come for morning Darshan. But I went to Bangalore last night itself. I was there within 5 minutes – straight into Joga Rao’s room at Apollo! Joga Rao saw Me and got excited. He said, ‘‘Swami has come – get a chair!’’ But nobody else could see Me. I sat with him the full night. His B.P was fluctuating very wildly, as was his pulse. In fact, his pulse beat had stopped once and his body became cold. But I revived him, though the doctors told that he has gone. Poor man… works a lot. Though 86 years old, he spends all his time in doing Swami’s Seva. He is a Karma Yogi. By morning, he had recovered completely! By 4 a.m, he started eating normally and wanted to come back to Puttaparthi at once. But I advised him to rest for a couple of days more and only then come. He is now resting well and is eating normally. Swami has cured him!

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations (1991-2000)



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