Will God give us what we want?

The five elements are the Divine faculties of life present in you, to make you stand, to protect you and refine you. If you consider them as devils, they become devils. If you take them as Divine faculties, they become so. You have to change your Drishti (vision) but not Srishti (creation). When you change your vision, naturally the scene will change. You have a feeling, that this world is an illusion.

Consider the world also as truth and then you can recognise the Truth. However, you do not reflect in this way. If you consider your Divine faculties as devils, they become devils. The whole world is a form of God. The entire Universe is the form of Vishnu.

One day, a foolish man was travelling to another village. On the way, as he could not bear the heat of the sun, he sat under a tree. The shade of the tree was quite cool and gave him comfort. He felt that the shade of tree had given him all comfort, and it would have been better if it gave him a tumbler of water. Immediately, a tumbler full of water appeared in front of him. He drank the water and exclaimed, “How sweet the water is! How fine it would be if it provides me with good food!” Next moment, a golden plate with all delicacies appeared in front of him. He thought that some Divine power was giving him all those things and he ate to his heart’s content and belched. Having eaten in full, ‘Nidradevi’ (Goddess of sleep) approached him and he felt sleepy. “It would be fine if I get some rest, but it is not possible to sleep on pebbles, like this. It would be better if I get one bed.” Immediately, a spring bed looking like a swing appeared before him. He lied down and started thinking. “We do not have a bed like this even at home. How happy my wife would be to see a luxury like this!” Immediately, his wife materialized there. He thought, “My village is very far from here. How could she come here? Is she my wife, or a devil?” As he thought of the devil, his wife became a devil. He was scared that it might swallow him and the devil swallowed him. What is the meaning of this? It is the Kalpavriksha, the wish-fulfilling tree. It confers all the desires. Sitting under the tree, whatever you wish, it grants you, whether it is good or bad.

The entire Universe is a wish-fulfilling tree. We are living under that tree. Under its shade, if you have good feelings, you reap good results and enjoy your life. This tree will grant you everything that you want. Before you desire, you have to enquire whether it is good or bad, selfish or selfless, Divine or worldly. When your desire is backed by this enquiry, certainly, your wish will be granted.

Our desires should be equal to our deservedness. If you go to a shop to buy a particular shirt, without having the required money in your pocket, you have to settle for some other brand, which is cheaper. Taking only a hundred rupees with you, if you want to buy things worth five hundred rupees, what stunt is that? First, know your strengths, and develop devotion. You can accomplish only up to your capacity. It is enough, even if it is very small. One should recognise one’s own Self first, then turn to the world, and attempt to know it. 

Source: Discourse 6, Rise in Love, My Dear Students Volume 1

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