The First Lady of Kazhakhstan in Prasanthi Nilayam

Sunday, August 27, 2000 

The morning Darshan was at 7.00 am. After the first interview, Swami blessed the First Lady of Kazakhstan along with other members of her entrouage with interview. 
The evening Darshan was at 2.45 pm. 

Swami : (To the students) Where is Anil Kumar? 

Students : (Pointing to Prof. Anil Kumar) Swami, he is there. 

Swami : He must have gone for eating. (Swami went inside and came outside for giving Padanamaskar to devotees from U.K. While going to the gents side, M.B.A. boys asked Swami to come for their drama.) Where is your Tyagaraja? (The student who was acting as Tyagaraja, knelt down. One student showed a sketch of Swami.) Daily same photo. (A student got up and said that his parents have come. Jokingly to the student) Your marriage? Good. 

(Swami spoke to the M.B.A. students, went inside and came out after sometime. Swami called five students and asked them to distribute chocolates to all the students. When one boy was serving, Swami told him to give two each. To a Hospital boy (H. Boy), about Dr. Bhat who was recovering from heart attack) How is he? 

H. Boy : Swami, he is alright. But last night, B.P. went down. 

Swami : Normal B.P. is 80/120. His B.P. is very low, 44/80. 

Prof. A. K. : Swami, little abnormal. 

Swami : Chala Abnormal (Very abnormal). 

H. Boy : Swami, we are giving fluids. 

Swami : Give water with salts. Doctors have a disease, they will not listen to others. They will tell, ‘I know’. Ego. (Pointing to Prof. Anil Kumar) This Bioscience people are also like that only. 

Prof. A. K. : It came in The Hindu newspaper that the First Lady of Kazakhstan is going to stay here for three days. 

Swami : Ayyo Papam! (How sad!) Whether they stay for three days or thirty days, you are going to have your idli and dosa! You will have your own routine. The First Lady came directly to Puttaparthi without any stopping, anywhere in the journey. (After sometime, Swami went inside.) 

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