Life’s A Little Thing – By Dr. Anshuman Das

Life is a little thing, but a little thing can mean a life. He created the cosmos and felt dissatisfied. The rivers sprang, the flowers bloomed, and the firmament above held pearls in the dusk. The mountains rose, the birds began their song, the beasts appeared and life manifested itself in many forms. Only then did the Master decide to create one who could go back from where he came from... He then created you and me. 

There were times when I was very happy. This happiness bound me so greatly that I tended to forget God. But, He did not forsake me. The compassionate One took care of me at all times. The all knowing One had also taken care of my parents and everybody else. 

This is an interesting instance from my father’s life. My father is a senior medical officer in the Border Security Force (BSF). It so happened that he had been posted to Anantnag (a strife-torn place in Jammu and Kashmir). One fine morning he set out with two jeeps to open a bank account. He entered the bank and finished the work. As he was coming out, a few militants barged in and opened fire. He hurried into the bulletproof jeep and bent down. The ring went on for about 35 minutes and all the while he kept doing Likhitajapam in his diary. (Since he was unarmed.) With a lot of difficulty, they returned to their base with many soldiers sustaining injuries, including the driver of my father’s jeep. At about the same time my mother was seated in the Darshan line. At that time she was working as a lecturer in the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur Campus in the B.Ed Faculty. She happened to be seated in the front. Bhagavan came right up to her, created Vibhuti and said, “Don’t worry. Husband is safe.” At that time my mother did not understand fully the meaning of Bhagavan’s words. When my father rang up and informed her and narrated what had happened, she realised the meaning of Bhagavan’s words. 

What can we say about such a Lord? This ultimate Saviour asks for nothing but Love. He sheds blood for His devotees and students. He cares only about our welfare, not His. There have been many occasions where we may have hurt Him, but He never complains. This is an instance to show how much Bhagavan cares for His students. This happened years back, round the late 80s. One fine day, Bhagavan asked the boys, “How many of you can cook food?” All of them were surprised and a few managed to raise their hands. “You can only make tea. But, I am going to hold a cooking competition tomorrow,” Bhagavan said. All were excited. The next day Bhagavan asked them to prepare ‘Upma’ and ‘Kesari’. Both of these dishes are made of the same material but have opposite tastes. The boys had finished making and the samples were sent to Bhagavan. Bhagavan tasted them and said that the dishes were delicious and sent sweets for the boys as reward. The boys after receiving sweets wanted to taste their own samples. When they tasted it, to their utter horror, they found it extremely repulsive! Then they realised Bhagavan’s love for them, which overlooked all the bad in them. 

Let’s pray to this Great Lord to guide us so that we may do good and reach Him. 

You to me, are the flowers of the spring,
And I really love You,
You’re my all, You’re my everything,
Yes, I really love You,
You, to me, are the morning sun,
And I really love You,
In my life You’re my only one,
Yes, I really love You.
As the seasons tumble by,
With our lives, we blindly stumble,
Like a star shining in the night,
You guide me safely home,
Like a river that flows to the sea,
You carry me along, You guide me,
You speak to me, You be with me.

- Dr. Anshuman Das
Student (2001-2006), Department of Physics
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

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